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Shaping the future of aviation operations

Meet the team

Our mission

Technology for the global aviation industry that brings the most advanced capabilities no matter the size of the organization. Always listening, agile and responsive. Automation at the heart of everything we do, we exist to provide our customers with the decisive advantage.

Empower professionals for operational excellence

We are dedicated to creating intuitive software backed by robust support, allowing our customers to unlock their full potential and achieve unparalleled success. Our products are provided through innovative web-delivered software and connected mobile applications. We strive to deliver simplification and operational efficiency to private, business and commercial aviation customers. Together with our customers, we are shaping the future of aviation operations, one solution at a time.

What’s our story?

Welcome to the captivating journey of myairops®, a story that began in March 1989 with the inception of Airops Software Ltd. Born from a singular vision to revolutionize the business aviation industry, our founders embarked on a mission to provide the ultimate software solutions. The initial steps were taken towards this goal as we delved into the development of our first-generation flight scheduling product. The company was a dominant player in Europe in the past and was the market leading solution in Europe for Microsoft DOS based systems.

As time unfolded, 2017 marked a significant chapter in our narrative. The Group IT function separated from the Airops Software Limited business, allowing us to channel our energies exclusively into the evolution and expansion of our software solutions. This strategic move laid the foundation for a new era of innovation and growth.

In December 2017, our story took an exciting turn with the arrival of Tim Ford, our current President and Managing Director. With his visionary leadership, Tim set out to revive and rejuvenate the current aviation management solutions available to him, steering the re-development of our company's products towards new and exciting developments.

April 2018 witnessed a remarkable transformation as we embraced a fresh identity. The company underwent a re-branding process, and we proudly emerged as myairops®. This pivotal moment marked the commencement of trading under our new brand, signaling the inception of our current generation of products that we know and love today.

The current generation of the flight scheduling product was launched to its first customer, in January 2020.

Since then, myairops® has been dedicated to crafting innovative solutions that redefine the landscape of the business aviation industry. Our journey continues, fueled by a passion for continual modernization, automation and change.

Meet the team

Our team

Get to know the extraordinary individuals behind myairops, a dynamic team of industry experts committed to revolutionizing aviation operations.

Meet the team

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