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An aviation platform that has endless possibilities

At myairops® we recognise that for software to be able to transform businesses in the way we do we have to allow flexibility. To meet this requirement, we have focussed on providing access and guidance to software engineers, data scientists and business analysts. Taking a view that our solution is a foundational platform to a wider ecosystem of connected products, workflow automation, analysis platforms and data lakes.

Discover the possibilities

The possibilities are now endless, using iPaaS platforms like Boomi, SnapLogic, SalesForce, Caligo, Microsoft Logic Apps, IBM, and others, we have helped our customers link complex workflows and provide enterprise automation that is not possible if you don’t have a platform that puts data first and access to data through industry standard mechanisms like JSON APIs and ODATA.

Here are some examples of the APIs and services provided by our platform:

Booking API

The booking API provides complete API access to allow the read, write and update of CRM controlled data like passengers as well as allowing access to manipulate trips and legs or create a completely new booking demand. Access is provided to be able to update aircraft information, or operational information relating to a trip or leg.

Some examples of use cases that we have enabled with our customers:

  • Corporate trip booking platforms where trips can be managed and updated with a direct integration with the aviation platform.
  • Charter sales applications whether selling seats or entire flights. Allowing custom broker apps which are brand critical for our customer but with all the power and functionality of the aviation platform.
  • CRM automated updates for ensuring passenger profiles are kept up to date through customer workflows within the organisation.
    Shuttle booking apps allowing people to reserve seats, monitor delays, get trip updates directly from the system.
  • Plugin’s for Sharepoint or customer websites

Maintenance API

The Maintenance API provides the ability to manage all maintenance related entities within the system including the due list, squawks/defects, NEFs, deferrals as well as accessing/updating the full maintenance schedule across your entire fleet. Whilst the myairops platform provides direct integrations to maintenance platforms like CAMP/MyCMP and Traxxall customers can use this API to build custom apps and workflows between systems.

Some examples of use cases that we have enabled with our customers:

  • Build automated workflows between maintenance and MRO systems using iPaaS solutions
  • Provide MMEL & MEL digital management workflows
  • React to maintenance changes using event driven webhooks in Power Automate, Teams and Slack

Schedule API

The Schedule API provides complete access to the forward looking and historic aircraft schedule. This provides access to details relating to the crew, passengers and other aspects of the flying schedule.

Some examples of use cases that we have enabled with our customers:

  • Allow custom calendar and personalised views to be built (note ODATA can also be used for this purpose).
  • Any external system that requires synchronisation with the schedule can be kept up to date in real-time using the webhook event driven notifications.
  • 3rd Party integrations that are not natively supported within the myairops flight system can be connected seamlessly.


The ODATA API provides access to all the data within the platform. Using a standards-based solution to allow brokered secure access to your underlying data, this allows your data science and business intelligence modellers and visualisation experts to shape and ETL data across systems and data lakes. The myairops platform comes complete with a Pre-built Power Bi project allowing your teams to get up and running fast. Using open source plug-ins for popular OpenSource tools like VS Code you can visualise the myairops data model to help build your ideal data visualisation. With a pre-built library of Postman scripts your development teams can get up and running quickly.

Some examples of use cases that we have enabled with our customers:

  • Custom paginated and drill-down reports in any reporting toolset that supports ODATA.
  • An operation centre situational awareness “wall of glass” showing critical business and aviation data seamlessly together.
  • Integrations on to websites and intranet sites to provide views to other members of your organisation such as a custom calendar view which limits what a specific user can see.
  • To build owner portals to provide complete visibility of utilization, charter sales, fuel usage, cost breakdown etc..
  • Build custom visuals and dashboards in popular tools like Tableau, ClickView and Power Bi.
  • Integrate with enterprise data lakes to enable aviation data to be fused with other data within your organisation.

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