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Why remote working is more important than ever before 

Over the past decade, companies who offer the option to work from home has increased by 115%. Largely, this is due to proven benefits like the increase of employee productivity, motivation, employee acquisition and general convenience. A lot of companies offer the flexibility to work from home, if not all the time, certainly at least when needed.  

Recent global changes have proven that it’s more important than ever to ensure that your business is agile, flexible and that you can still deploy operations remotely while maintaining minimal negative impact on your business. Recently, time constraints and exceptional global conditions, means some organizations are finding that, without the right tools in place, it’s difficult to efficiently run their business remotely. Especially with on-premise software becoming a driver for complex IT or networking solutions that need to be put in place, all without compromising security and customer data privacy. 

myairops and remote working 

The power of having the option to control everything remotely from the cloud helps mitigate against risk associated with change as well as helping to improve business efficiency and scalability.  

Being a cloud-based system, the myairops product suite enables employees to work from any location giving them access, via any web browser enabled device, to all the same information that they’d have access to at the office. If staff fall ill, or simply cannot make it into the office, having an internet enabled device, means they can access any of the myairops products remotely- wherever they are in the world. This helps ensure that manpower is not lost, staff can always be covered and business efficiency is maintained.  

As well as assisting with remote working, being a cloud-based solution means the myairops product suite supports multi-sites and centralizes data across a network of locations. If organizations have multiple business locations across the world there’s no need to invest in multiple separate solutions or work out complex workarounds to centralize data across networks. All of this in an environment which provides security and data privacy controls. 

If you’re currently struggling with implementing a home working strategy under tight time constraints and it’s impacting your day-to-day business operations and efficiency, with our quick and seamless on-boarding process we can have you set up and deploying your operations remotely in days not weeks. If you’d like to find out more about the myairops product suite and how the power of accessing everything remotely from the cloud can change how you do business, then contact us, or book a demo today.