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Operators are facing many challenges as a result of COVID-19. The team at myairops have been working hard to introduce new functionality to make it easier for our customers during this testing and uncertain time. We understand that organizations are having to make difficult decisions during a period where cost-cutting is more important than ever. As a result, more work is being placed on smaller teams stretching them to the limit, making it even harder to adapt to new ways of working.

Many organizations are looking to protect their crew and passengers by ensuring that passengers record that they are free of symptoms. In addition, making this information available within the crew app and trip sheet so crew are fully aware is key. This is important for both corporate flight departments and shuttle operators.

Passing COVID self-check information 

We are aware that being more vigilant around crew safety is paramount. Therefore, introducing functionality that gives your crew complete visibility over passenger COVID-19 check information was a priority for us. Our application has been enhanced to support the recording for each passenger that they are free from symptoms. Our enhanced passenger CRM allows the entry of data directly into our systems, automatically amending the myairops crew mobile app and trip sheet to display the required informationYour crew will be warned if the COVID check has expired or has not been provided. This clear and intelligent automatic alert system ensures your crew are made aware of any potential risk and simplifies the procedures around recording COVID checks.