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How to accelerate out of the global pandemic – the timeliness of software implementation


In addition to the serious implications for people’s health and the healthcare services, coronavirus (Covid-19) is having a significant impact on businesses and the economyProtecting your business and making sensible, strategic decisions is more important than ever. Being intuitive and creative now, while demand is low, means that when we climb back out of this unprecedented pandemic you and your business can hit the ground running. It’s easy to lose sight of the actions that might be needed after the global battle against coronavirus is won. 

To help your organizations rapid response, adaption to change and reemergence in a position of strengthtake advantage of these five tips. 

Comprehensive financial awareness
We are learning that economic activity drops more sharply than any of us have experienced during a lock-down, especially in the aviation industry. The International Air Transport Association estimates that the coronavirus could have a $130 billion impact on the industry meaning that having complete visibility on your financial status is more important than ever. 

Ensure your billing is precise and not vulnerable to human error using an automated billing solution and recoup any lost revenue. Having a system in place which accurately allows you to identify and track revenue leakage ensures you’ll never miss out. Knowing exactly where your finances, sales, profits and margins are reduces the risk when making real time and critical business decisions, and allows you to evaluate exact financial performance, eliminate waste and react quickly 

 Ability to operate from anywhere 
To align with important social distancing guidelines, companies around the globe are implementing mandatory working-from-home policies. These global changes have shown that it’s more important than ever to ensure that your business is agile, flexible and that you can still deploy operations remotely. Making changes to business processes, implementing cloud-based tools to promote working from home and having thability to cover staff who are off sick without having to visit a site will help ease the impact of coronavirus on your business and help you emerge in a position of strength in a post-pandemic world.  

 Data accuracy and visibility
Understanding what is happening in your business, the true impact Covid-19 is having, where you sit within the market, and being able to make that data available to customers and stakeholders is critically important. Tracking your performance within the aviation industry with that of your competitors or the market segment you operate in will enable you to decide what you need to do differently. Having this data easily accessible and all in one place will give you the knowledge and insight to quickly react to change, not only strongly positioning your business to manage the impact Covid-19 is having, but also ensuring you’re ready for when the time comes to accelerate. 

 Communication is key
In the aviation industry safety, trust and accuracy are paramount. Improving and maintaining customer service across your network ensures your clients, staff and partners are all kept in the loop. Share information, updates and continue to build loyalty through this unprecedented timeImplementing a Customer Relationship Management tool and streamlining processes to improve communications both internally and externally will help bridge the gap and enable you to share important business-related updates with clients and colleagues. 

 Information security
Covid19 has bought unexpected shifts in our ways of working which has introduced a whole series of information security challenges. Now’s the time to implement and refine security processes and ensure all third-party software is up to date with the latest security patches to ensure you avoid security breaches which can be devastating for businesses. For advice on how to stay cyber-secure when working from home, read our Security blog post here. 


It’s important to think about the path beyond Covid-19 and make changes today to not only reduce the commercial impact but help your organization accelerate out of the global pandemic and reemerge in a position of strength within the industry.  

If you’d like to find out more about how the myairops product suite helps reduce operational complexities and provides a clear overview of your businesses data, finances and communications – all within a totally secure, cloud-based environment – then please contact us today or book a demo with the team.