Entry to the USA, Europe and Asia is about to reopen and release an influx of Intercontinental private travel. Clients are eyeing long awaited holidays and business trips, but are Operators really ready?

It is no exaggeration to say the world has changed since we last flew internationally. Brexit finally ended on 31st January 2020, within months half the world’s population was living under a COVID lockdown. The slow return to a new ‘normal’ has seen the growing need for Trip Support and Flight Planning.

Europe in particular has become a complex web of tricky permit applications, airports closing or changing hours at the drop of a hat, and countless COVID restrictions and Testing rules which are split country by country rather than being guided by one straightforward EU block of rules.

International operators must stay ahead of where the restrictions are and who they apply to; what alternatives, if any, are available; and where they can find [COVID-19] testing,” Doug Carr, NBAA Vice President of Regulatory and International Affairs. “Those considerations make planning overseas trips much more than just securing airspace permits and landing slots.”

Are you confident in being able to adapt and respond to challenges ahead?

myairops get it. We are on the same page as we too operate, charter and maintain aircraft internationally. Our UK operations are only too aware of the constantly changing COVID and post-Brexit rules and the growing need for Trip Support and Flight Planning services.

We also helped produce the EBAA BREXIT Guidance.

Even hopping from the USA to the UK now takes considerable attention and organization.

If you’re getting ready for a busy summer and looking at Europe and other regions with caution and apprehension, download our guide to flying Internationally, Trip Support and Flight Planning, or contact myairops to hear success stories from 37 years of challenging and often ‘impossible’ trips, and let us help. 

Download Our Guide: flying from the USA

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