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Now that business aviation is thriving again, myairops provides their clients with a full range of operational services and products via its Trip Support, Software (myairops flight, myairops FBO, myairops CAM, myairops stores), Maintenance Management and Advisory Services, CAM, Part-M services, Aviation Projects, and Airworthiness Review services. Based on over 30 years of valuable experience in the industry, myairops has grown and adapted its services to provide clients with a technology driven solution.

The myairops flight tool has been built on a wealth of knowledge gained from worldwide aircraft operations, charter, special mission, and aircraft management which has provided the foundations for a reputable and resilient H24 Trip Support product. This extensive experience has developed a passion to always provide a solution to any problem.

myairops Trip Support utilizes the software capabilities within myairops flight, collaboratively scheduling trips, prioritizing permits, prior permissions, parking and airport slots, etc… in order of importance to ensure regulations are adhered to and essential tasking is completed on time.

The myairops Trip Support service offering is unique as it brings together aircraft operator experience with advanced software solutions to ensure maximum efficiency and proactiveness from an experienced team with a wealth of operational knowledge and know-how. By combining both operational expertize and software solutions, myairops can offer aircraft operators a decisive advantage. Operators will be aware that attention to detail is paramount in every aspect of a setup. The use of myairops flight makes sure that throughout pre-set tasks and creative tasking no stone is left unturned. This ensures every task is completed and the history tracked from trip inception through to movement messages, ADS-B tracking and on to flight closure, including FTL records and tech logging.

The software can be tailored to operator’s specific needs, safety requirements and authority and country regulations. Automation and integration with other software products further enhance the abilities of the myairops flight software.

Trip Support powered by real operator knowledge and capable software can either be provided on an ad-hoc basis or through a yearly subscription.