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As we bid farewell to our talented industrial placement student, Karanpal, we couldn’t be prouder of the incredible work he has accomplished during his time at myairops. Over the past several months, Karanpal has been an integral part of our team, contributing to a groundbreaking project that has revolutionized our fuel pricing system and enhanced the overall user experience for our customers. 

We sat down with Karanpal to reflect on his journey and gain insights into his involvement in this transformative project. Join us as we celebrate his achievements and delve into the details of his time at myairops. 

How have you found working at myairops for the last year? 

It has been a great experience, from the work environment/Team being very welcoming and helpful, to allowing me to learn heaps of new skills and technologies, and letting me build my upon my current set of skills. 

Was the industrial placement what you expected? 

It was more than I expected. Initially, I had thought it’d be me doing some minor tickets and working on some bugs, but after finding out that I’d be co-leading a whole project alongside my peer intern was quite the news and had me excited for the experience I’d be able to gain. Being given the opportunity to be able to co-lead a project from start to very close to the finish was an amazing experience, which has broadened my knowledge a lot and allowed me to get insight into different aspects of the role that I may not have gotten. 

What have you enjoyed the most? 

The whole year has been enjoyable, but if I were to pin a moment that was the most enjoyable, it would be getting our FBO name matching algorithm finished and working as intended, getting to the stage it is at right now was great and a challenge at times but I think finally getting it finished made it so worth it. Then implementing it as an API was fun too. 

What will be your biggest take away? 

The whole experience was beneficial, and just to highlight some take aways that I will most definitely be applying to my University work would be the having unit tests in your code – as they help you think of the different ways your code should work and should be handle exceptions. Additionally, another take away would be source controlling your code/project from the beginning. Before the placement I didn’t see a reason to, but after working with source controlled code I realise the benefits of being able to revert to old code, keep track of what you’ve done, when you have done it and the benefits of having different branches. 

What advice would you give students who are considering doing an industrial placement? 

My advice to students who are considering doing placement would be that even if you don’t meet all of the requirements but meet most of them, just apply for it. And during the interviews be vocal, if you don’t understand anything or want to know something just be vocal about it. 


Karanpal’s ability to collaborate effectively with our team, his pursuit of excellence, and his attention to detail have been inspiring. He tackled challenges head-on, leveraging his technical prowess to develop and implement a robust solution that will transform our fuel pricing process. 

This project exemplifies the spirit of innovation that drives us at myairops. Karanpal’s success serves as a testament to our commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing automation and technology to enhance our products and services. 

On behalf of the entire myairops team, we would like to express our deepest appreciation to Karanpal for his hard work, dedication, and exceptional contributions. He has been an invaluable asset to our team, and we have no doubt that he will continue to excel in the rest of his University Degree.