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In the ever-evolving world of aviation, efficient flight management is the key to success. A critical element of this process lies in the hands of aviation crews, whose seamless coordination and communication are essential for safe and streamlined operations. We are thrilled to announce the launch of our much-anticipated myairops crew v3, an update that empowers aviation crews with advanced capabilities and unprecedented customization options.

The flight crew companion app from myairops allows you to connect to your myairops flight management system to optimize Ops-Crew communication around rostering, ground, passenger and flight details, fuel preferences, customer feedback and more.  

Aircraft Category Display and Confirmation

With an enhanced user interface, myairops crew v3 allows users to view the aircraft category directly on both the flight card and the digital trip sheet within the app. This improvement ensures that crucial information is readily available to crew members. Furthermore, users can now confirm their awareness of the airport category, with the confirmation seamlessly sent back to the flight operations team. This enables better coordination and data synchronization, fostering greater efficiency.

Fuel Type and Unit of Measure Selection

Fuel management has been simplified and streamlined with the new fuel type selection feature. At the fuel step of the workflow, users can now easily select their fuel type from options like Avgas, Jet A1, and SAF. This flexibility ensures that the right fuel is chosen for each specific flight.

Additionally, myairops crew v3 introduces a default unit of measure setting, allowing users to maintain consistency throughout the workflow. While users have the option to modify fuel units as needed during trip processing, the default setting saves time and effort by automating the process.

Tailored Workflow Configurations

Understanding that each aviation organization has unique requirements, myairops crew v3 offers advanced workflow customization options at the organization level. Administrators can now tailor various elements of the app to match their specific needs. These customizable options include:

  1. Fuel Uplift Step: Choose whether to display the fuel uplift step to the crew or hide it entirely.
  2. SP Gravity in Advanced Mode: Decide whether to show SP gravity in advanced mode or hide it from the workflow.
  3. Pre-Departure Checklist: Set up a customized pre-departure checklist for the crew, gathering essential information before takeoff. The format and mandatory requirements can be adjusted to ensure efficient data collection.
  4. Flight Number Display: Opt for either the job number or flight number to be displayed on each screen of the Crew App workflow.
  5. Checked Bags: You may now choose if you would like to display the ability for your crew to record checked bags on the passenger step of the crew app workflow.

Improved Fuel Management Integration

myairops crew v3 seamlessly integrates with the myairops flight management system, enabling more efficient fuel management. The innovative “skipped fuel” functionality ensures smooth operations by assuming JETA1 S.P gravity for conversion when the fuel type hasn’t been selected yet.


At myairops, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of aviation software to empower aviation departments with cutting-edge tools. myairops crew v3 represents a significant milestone in our mission to revolutionize flight management. By providing enhanced coordination, customization, and streamlined processes, we aim to elevate the efficiency, safety, and success of your aviation department.

For more information about myairops crew v3, please reach out to our team or visit the dedicated page on our website, found here.