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Among the world’s most attractive FBOs, Melbourne Jet Base (MJB) is a stunning, world-class facility based in Melbourne, Australia. Offering an exceptional client experience for global VIP travelers, accommodated through the highest levels of customer service.

Melbourne Jet Base embraces the best of the old and the new: sitting resplendent as a beautiful restoration exhibit, the Kanana Douglas DC-3 is overlooked by luxurious lounges and modern offices, connecting overseas and local travelers with Australia’s rich aviation history. Tradition and luxury is underpinned by modern, high-tech systems and assets, from Ops to the on-site Helicopter.

Why myairops?

MJB combed the market for software solutions that delivered more than simply scheduling FBO services and invoicing the customer. To meet MJB’s timeline and commitment to best service, an ideal system would be quickly implemented with minimum disruption to an already stretched team. It would have the flexibility to tailor the system to MJB’s processes and be future proof so that procurement wouldn’t be required every few years. Finally, after searching the market, MJB found the right fit in myairops.

“We wanted to ensure our customers are perfectly catered for so making sure our staff know where to be and when was a priority. myairops fbo lets us link tasks with flight movements and jobs so everyone from Ramp Crew to Dispatch and Finance know their role in providing a flawless customer experience.” Said Murray Rance, MJB Operations Director.

Since then

This year, MJB decided to renew their myairops subscription for a further 36 months. Among the reasons for extending the relationship was the work myairops did on the solution’s Parking Management capabilities.

“Parking is a valuable service we provide at MJB. We have Hangar capacity for 18 business aircraft and a 60,000sqm apron to compliment the Hangars. Especially at our busiest, say around the Australian Open, we have to be very efficient and organized to offer our clients flexible parking options. myairops helped us with that.” Added Murray.

In 2020 myairops scoped the parking requirements of MJB and several other clients to develop an intuitive Parking Board linked with service booking, automated billing and staff tasks.

“When a customer requests hangar or apron space, our team can glance at the parking board for the required date and plan what’s available or what needs to be moved around. It’s an easy process to redeploy aircraft to fit and then build that parking request into the overall handling request. We can make constant changes to the plan and the customer’s quote or invoice is automatically updated with the correct fees feeding straight in.”

An eye on the future

“We are looking forward to the work myairops has been doing on the Fuel Management module, and to the Advanced Technologies partnership with Microsoft. It’s been a tough few months of lockdown in Victoria so we’re expecting further efficiency and automation to help support recovery and growth.”


(Credit: Melbourne Jet Base)

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