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London Southend Jet Centre (LSJC) operate a 24/7 FBO based in the London region which has direct links straight into the center of London.
As a popular FBO destination for many private jet users, LSJC discovered a need for a comprehensive but easy-to-use FBO management software system that will allow them to reduce their manual processes and digitize their operations whilst still providing premium, personalized services to their clients.
myairops fbo was identified as the standout software solution that would best suit the demands of LSJC by providing them with the comprehensive FBO and fuel management software with ‘at-a-glance’ interfaces.



The Story of LSJC

LSJC’s FBO is situated at London Southend Airport which means their customers can take a helicopter ride to central London in under 12 minutes. Alternatively, their customers can relax in their facility on comfortable sofas next to an open fireplace, a well-stocked bar all whilst being looked after by an experienced, friendly team that provide first-class service.

They were looking for ways to improve their sustainability as a business and to reduce their manual processes so that there is less strain on their resources.

There were a multitude of reasons for selecting myairops as their software provider including cost, relationships, quality of product and how the product aligns with their needs as a business.

The Challenge LSJC Faced Before myairops fbo.

One of the main challenges for LSJC prior to using myairops was that they were operating a lot of manual processes. They were using paper for items such as invoicing, handling confirmation baggage tags and more, ultimately resulting in piles of paperwork. Being able to optimize efficiency by utilizing powerful, data-driven decisions from myairops fbo frees up a lot of time for employees to focus on other important aspects to their operations that requires human interaction.

Why LSJC Chose myairops fbo?

The myairops software solutions pride themselves in being able to provide a comprehensive, yet simplistic and easy to use software for its customers. Grant and the team decided that this is exactly what they are looking for to help them with the efficiency of their operations.

In addition to their current need for a software solution, LSJC have bright plans to further advance their capabilities as an FBO and improve their approach to becoming an eco-friendlier organization. After scanning the market for other relevant software providers, it was apparent that myairops fbo was the most cost effective for their operational needs and are closely aligned with their strategic plans. As part of their development, they would like to offer improved services such as catering and trip support, on top of becoming a more sustainable organization.

Grant Fox, General Manager, London Southend Jet Centre, quoted: “We have built a professional relationship where I can reach out to Ben and the team when we need assistance, whether for front line or management level, knowing they are always there to support us. Its also great to have a personal relationship with the team so we can catch up at events and discuss new developments over a coffee or something stronger!!”

LSJC are particularly fond of the relationships that were built both professionally and personally with myairops. They have met with myairops at trade show events as well as both virtual and face to face meetings to ensure the rapport remains strong.

How LSJC are using myairops fbo?

LSJC use myairops fbo for a multitude of reasons, from creating and producing mayflys and invoices right though to generating reports on movements and passenger figures. LSJC Operations team create mayflys, which are then shared with airport stakeholders and departments to allow for staffing and other resources planning.

myairops fbo software

myairops also create invoices for LSJC customers who may wish to pay via credit card or, they send to LSJC’s own internal accounts team, who will use these to send over to customers who hold credit accounts with LSJC.

“From a managerial perspective, we love being able to pull financial reports that generate revenue figures, which can be shown in a full breakdown of income by product, operator, services or specific date range. With this we are able to analyze our strongest revenue generators as well as areas that we need to focus on.” – Grant Fox, General Manager, London Southend Jet Centre.

The Results

Since moving over to the myairops fbo software, LSJC were able to reduce their paperwork by over 70%. Despite the obvious sign that this is a positive step towards being more environmentally friendly, it also allows LSJC to become more operationally efficient and collaborative with their team. Built in workflows in the myairops fbo system can be automated to notify the ramp staff about the details of the upcoming passengers, alert them to any delays, instantly update fuel stocks and much more. When safety, professionalism and profits are at stake, it is crucial that the FBO are able to deliver the best service to their clients.

You too can discover how our software can revolutionize and streamline your aviation needs by heading over to our product pages. If you’d like to talk to a professional directly, reach out to our team:

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