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In an industry that demands efficiency, reliability, and impeccable customer service, aviation businesses worldwide, like JET-TNCA, are continually seeking innovative solutions to optimize their operations. As the global aviation landscape continues to evolve, the need for comprehensive software systems tailored to meet the unique demands of Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) has become paramount.

In this case study, we delve into the success story of JET-TNCA, a prominent FBO that has harnessed the power of our cutting-edge FBO software product. We examine the challenges faced by JET-TNCA, their decision to adopt our solution, and the transformative impact it has had on their day-to-day operations.

As a trusted provider of aviation technology solutions, our FBO software has been specifically designed to empower FBOs with a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance operational efficiency, streamline workflow processes, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. From managing reservations and fueling operations to tracking maintenance schedules and providing robust reporting capabilities, our software equips FBOs with the means to excel in a competitive industry.

Throughout this case study, we will explore how JET-TNCA has utilized our FBO software solution to revolutionize their business operations. By leveraging our software’s advanced features, JET-TNCA has not only overcome their operational challenges but has also positioned themselves as a leader in their market.

Can you provide a background to your organization and what your company does?

JET-TNCA FBO by Aruba Airport Authority forms part of Aruba Airport Authority which is the governing authority at Queen Beatrix international airport. Aruba Airport’s purpose is to connect Aruba to the world in order to facilitate prosperity and promote the well-being for the country and its citizens. We carry-out our responsibility of operating Aruba’s primary gateway in a responsible and disciplined manner, and in doing so reflect our shared values of reliability, efficiency, integrity, commitment to quality, hospitality, respect, and teamwork. JET-TNCA FBO impart takes on this same role as the sole fixed based operator in Aruba, JET-TNCA provides full FBO services under ownership of Aruba Airport Authority N.V., one of the leading airports in the Caribbean region.

The idea to insource the FBO came during a company happy hour event where a few former FBO employees now employed at AAA were discussing with the CFO to insource the operation completely. As a company that aims to promote employee engagement and entrepreneurial spirit, the CFO took this back to the other leadership team members and the CEO and they impart reviewed this with the board and receive the go ahead to start a project in preparation to insource this operation completely. This was something which in the history of Aruba Airport Authority was never done and would have been the first time the company would have switched its focus from commercial aviation to managing both business and commercial operations.

What main issues were you faced with prior to working with myairops?

Our main issues initially were that we needed an API system which could connect directly with our already in place ERP system used internally for all financial related items. It was key to have a system that would work with our current software but that is also highly customizable and check all the boxes in the area of security as well. As a new FBO we were not familiar with all the processes which would arise from this operation, i.e manpower, systems, number of transactions etc. These were all experienced during the beginning phases of the operation and were used as learning moments to further develop and mold the services and products used.

How is the fbo software helping you run your business day to day?

The FBO software is our core tool used for the daily operation. It also forms a vital part of our financials as the API connection in place sends all related information to our ERP system. Without myairops FBO we could not run our financials or transact with our clients. This is at the heart of the operation as our customer service is also connected to myairops as everything revolves around the usage of the software and how it then compliments what we offer our clients.

What was your onboarding and training process like?

Our onboarding was twofold as one side worked with the ERP team and the other with the operational team in order to setup all areas needed for this to work properly. We had the support from all sides on the myairops team to ensure that all our needs were met. Even in times of changes which changed the scope of work we could count on myairops team to be nimble enough to push through to arrive at solutions and updates in the system. As we could not have allot of training due to the hard deadline we managed to receive a few training sessions from the onboarding team to ensure that after this we were well prepared to train our agents on how to use this system. Only bottleneck was the fact that we had an open API connection and could not process or create invoices as part of the training as it would hinder the work being completed by the developers’ team and our own financial software.

Did you/do you need help using the product and how do you get the help needed?

The support team is contacted when needed and as mentioned before based on the lessons learnt in the previous months we are working with myairops on some developer adjustments to cater to our specific financial needs. Once these have been completed, I believe we will have a very useful tool to work with both for our clients and our financials.

Why did you choose myairops over competitors?

Initially myairops had checked all the boxes for our internal safety requirements, as we are using the microsoft365 platform this system was perfect to use, and it was able to connect very well with our financial ERP system. Apart from this the price was very competitive compared to other competitors, which made it more attractive as well.

What are your 3 favorite features to the product and why?

Recreate job’s or invoices this is an easy way for recurring chargers or clients to have these fees recreated with only one click.

Financially the charges tab is used for end of the month closing as the generated excel files are easy to use for reporting purposes.

The passenger information once added in the system can easily be searched for in the job which makes it easier to work with.

If you would like to discover how myairops can assist with revolutionizing your business operations, get in touch today!