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Chief pilots

Complete operational oversight

Streamlined crew and operational oversight, empowered by intelligent roster capabilities, ensure effortless management for chief pilots.

Remain compliant

Boost efficiency

Intelligent reporting

Remain compliant with complete oversight of training & crew currency

Seamlessly track crew currency and training, simplifying crewing and training processes. Our automated notifications alert you when training is due or expiration dates are approaching, ensuring compliance and preventing mis-crewing. Integrated roster capabilities further ensure compliance by preventing crew with expired training from being assigned to trips they cannot perform.

  • myairops flight provides a centralized platform automating and streamlining the tracking of training and currency, ensuring clear visibility into crew certifications, expirations, and training schedules.
  • Experience efficiency improvements by reducing manual processes, minimizing the risk of oversights, and facilitating precise management of crew readiness.
  • Manage crew with confidence by streamlining crew readiness and comprehensive visibility into training and currency statuses.

Save time rostering & crewing with powerful roster capabilities

Rostering can be a time-consuming complex task due to inefficient systems and a lack of crucial contextual information, such as sick days, training information and crew leave schedules. This can hamper decision-making during the rostering process, leading to potential inefficiencies and operational disruptions.

  • Comprehensive rostering tools in myairops flight provide chief pilots with contextual information, including crew availability, sick days, remaining overnights, and leave days.
  • Seamless visibility into crucial factors enables informed decision-making, allowing chief pilots to optimize crew schedules efficiently.
  • Enhanced split-view capabilities enable chief pilots to see operational and aircraft information alongside the roster all in one modern view, streamlining the rostering process.

Access to the reports and data you need at the click of a button

Navigating data visibility and reporting poses challenges for chief pilots as the manual collection and compilation of data from various sources proves time-consuming and error prone. The fragmented nature of information, including expenses, costs, and operational performance, presents hurdles in giving stakeholders precise and timely insights. This disjointed approach hinders effective decision-making and impedes the ability to provide comprehensive and accurate reports on the aviation operation’s performance.

  • myairops flight offers chief pilots a centralized platform for comprehensive data visibility and reporting, eliminating manual data gathering.
  • Automated data collection and reporting provides accuracy, speeds up the reporting process and reduces errors.
  • Powerful permission-based Power-BI reporting capabilities facilitate informed-decision making and effective communication with stakeholders.

Empower chief pilots with flight

Experience the power of flight, the ultimate solution for Chief Pilots looking to overcome their pain points and streamline daily operations. With our centralised platform, we address the challenges faced by Chief Pilots, offering powerful tools for training and currency visibility, efficient rostering, and comprehensive data insights.

  • Chief pilots struggle with maintaining training and currency records
  • Chief pilots face inefficiencies and disruptions in rostering

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