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Making financial decisions, simple

With Flight, we provide a comprehensive solution that enables finance teams to access the information they need without wasting time on manual processes.



General ledger codes


Transform financial management in aviation

Experience enhanced financial transparency, streamlined financial planning, elimination of disconnects, and increased efficiency with flight.

Spend categories mapped from scheduling system to finance

Finance teams might struggle to decipher the spend profile and identify expenses associated with specific trips due to a lack of integration and a comprehensive overview of financial data aligned with each trip. Flight offers a unified platform that seamlessly integrates financial and operational data. This provides finance teams with clear visibility into trip-specific expenses, enabling them to track fuel spend, utilization, expenses, SIFL and timeshare

  • Seamless integration of financial and operational data
  • Clear visibility into trip-specific expenses
  • Accurate tracking and analysis of spending patterns

Streamline your financial planning

Without clear oversight of current and historic financial data, planning becomes challenging. myairops Flight provides a comprehensive solution, combining real-time and historical insights. This unified platform empowers finance teams to make informed decisions, integrating predictive financial estimates with detailed historical analysis for streamlined planning.

  • Informed decision-making with real-time and historical financial data
  • Streamlined financial planning and analysis processes
  • Integration of predictive financial estimates with detailed historical analysis

Eliminate the disconnect

Finance teams face challenges in managing financial aspects such as tax, general ledger codes, and chargebacks due to the disconnect between scheduling systems and finance tools. Flight seamlessly integrates financial management features into the scheduling system. By eliminating the disconnect and providing a consolidated view, Flight streamlines the process, enabling finance teams to effectively manage financial aspects within a single platform.

  • Seamless integration of your finance system with myairops flight
  • Consolidated view for effective financial management
  • Streamlined process within a single platform

Integration with expense management systems and finance systems like Concur and Workday. Don’t have to load expenses into the system manually – automatically link expenses with correct trips meaning you can spend your time analyzing rather than loading data.

  • Streamlined retrieval process
  • Elimination of manual reconciliation
  • Seamless integration of operational and financial information

Increase efficiency and save time

Finance-empowering features of flight

Effortless data transition

Our comprehensive support and dedicated customer success team facilitate a seamless transition by ensuring that all historic data from your previous system is uploaded, cleansed, and efficiently imported into the new system.

  • Comprehensive support
  • Dedicated customer success team

Tailored finance reports

Finance teams have access to a customer success and support team ready to assist them in creating custom finance reports. These tailored reports ensure that the platform adapts to meet their specific financial reporting needs, enhancing flexibility and usability.

Tax and automation

We provide finance teams with the flexibility to create custom reports, supported by a dedicated customer success and support team. This enhances the usability of the platform, allowing finance teams to adapt it seamlessly to their unique financial reporting requirements.

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