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We partnered with Gama Aviation and the industry’s leading data players Spire, Aviowiki and MySky to look at how data can help organisations make better decisions, deliver efficiencies and drive business development and optimization. In the session we explored the key types of data businesses need, what makes data actionable and the ways connectivity is playing an important role as the industry continues its recovery.

On the panel was Tim Ford – President at myairops and moderator, Paul Cremer, Operations Delivery Manager at Gama Aviation, Dr. Shay Har-Noy, General Manager at Spire Aviation, Christopher Marich, Co-Founder and Global Strategy Director at MySky, and Diego Magrini, CEO at aviowiki.

High-quality, verified and reliable data combined with advanced technology and AI delivers efficiencies, collaborative working, business optimization and intelligent decision making to organisations. But data is nothing without being able to put it into operational context and link it to various other aspects of operations. Our session seeks to explain why data is so important to businesses and the aviation industry as a whole, what makes data actionable and how the sharing of data can transform our industry for the better.

We feel that it was an insightful and informative session with great participation from all of our attendees! But, we would say that, so see for yourself – here’s the full recording of our session. If you have any questions about our products or the session itself please contact email hidden; JavaScript is required.



An introduction to our panellists

Tim Ford, President, myairops

Tim has an extensive background in working within business aviation, military aviation and cybersecurity. Ford has a strong history of building and driving growth in SaaS and service delivery organizations. Over the past three years as the president of myairops, Ford has driven the company vision forward to solve the challenges of the business aviation market and continues to innovate and develop next-generation, advanced technologies.

Paul Cremer, Operations Delivery Manager, Gama Aviation

Paul has 39 years of service, solely within the business aviation and general aviation side of the industry, with experience in operational, commercial, charter and air traffic fields. He started with Gama Aviation in 1996 and has held various roles within the company over the last 25 years.

Cremer lead the Gama Aviation charter team to success by becoming the first operator to win the coveted Air Charter Association, Best General Aviation Operator award over three consecutive years.

Today Cremer leads the Operations Delivery Team ensuring that Gama Aviation delivers an exceptional operational service to its aircraft management, charter and special missions clients. He also ensures the service delivery of Gama Aviation’s outsourcing business, which offers third-party operators and aircraft owners alike, operational support and international trip planning services 24 hours a day.

Dr. Shay Har-Noy, General Manager, Spire Aviation

As General Manager of Aviation at Spire Aviation, Dr. Shay Har-Noy leads the team responsible for applying Spire’s satellite-based data, insights and analytics to both existing and new use cases within the aviation industry.

Dr. Har-Noy is a successful entrepreneur and technology executive with expertise in satellites, mapping, and artificial intelligence.

Prior to joining Spire, Dr. Har-Noy most recently served as a leader on the Uber Maps product team and as Uber Boulder site lead. Previously, Dr. Har-Noy was VP and GM of Maxar/DigitalGlobe’s Platform business, a high-growth effort to get DigitalGlobe’s 15 year digital library in the cloud and available for processing.

Prior to joining DigitalGlobe, Dr. Har-Noy was founder and CEO of Tomnod, a company that combined crowdsourcing and machine learning to create new applications for satellite imagery. Tomnod was acquired by DigitalGlobe in early 2013.

Dr. Har-Noy began his career at ViaSat, where he advanced the deployment and market positioning of satellite communication systems around the globe for government, commercial aviation and maritime customers.

Diego Magrini, Founder and CEO, aviowiki

Diego Magrini is the founder and CEO of aviowiki, the first company to build a complete digital data stack for aviation.

Throughout his 10 year career in aviation, Magrini has worked in a variety of roles, coming up through the ranks from flight attendant to ground operations manager.

In the past four years he has focused on improving the aviation industry by digitizing its processes, making them more efficient, reliable and smoother.

Combining his passion for programming and his professional experience he has been able to bridge a lot of gaps between operational requirements and technological solutions, allowing for fast prototyping of new ideas and quick time to market of new digital products.

Christopher Marich, Co-Founder and Global Strategy Director, MySky

Christopher Marich is an entrepreneur, co-founder and Global Strategy Director of MySky.

Marich set up his first venture at the age of 14, a goods delivery service. He graduated from the Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne with a degree in hospitality management and worked in the aviation industry for several years, later setting up his own aviation business, focused on charter capacity commercialization.

In 2015 together with his friend Kirill Kim, Marich founded MySky. Marich oversees MySky’s headquarters in Switzerland and is responsible for the overall strategy and development of the group.

Marich is a contributing writer for Bilan Magazine, a leading finance publication in Switzerland. He speaks fluent French, English, German, Spanish and a bit of Italian. He likes to ski and is currently a trainee pilot.