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We are joined by Microsoft to discuss the importance of automation and advanced technologies in business aviation. Industry experts from the Microsoft and myairops team talk about how tech is helping organisations overcome challenges and how innovation is driving operational efficiencies across businessiness.

myairops President, Tim Ford, and CTO, James Milward, are joined by Microsoft’s Global Director of Travel, Transportation, Logistics and Hospitality, Shane O’Flaherty and Managing Director, Julie Shainock to discuss the adoption of advanced technologies in overcoming today’s challenge: to do more with less.

In this webinar you’ll learn: 

  • How are other relevant sectors using technology to overcome furloughs and financial challenges? 
  • AI is ready today, so how can business aviation adopt it? 
  • What are the next innovations to come to business aviation? 
  • …And more! 


Shane O’Flaherty, Global Director – Travel, Transportation & Hospitality, Microsoft: 

Shane O’Flaherty is the Global Director of  Travel, Transportation & Hospitality for Microsoft and is focused on leading the hotel, airline, cruise and logistics industry in driving innovation that will enhance the customer and employee journey, while driving increased productivity and cost compression with the use of Microsoft’s technology and its eco-system of travel solution partners. 

Julie Shainock, Managing Director – Travel, Transport, Logistics & Hospitality (TTLH), Microsoft: 

Julie is responsible for developing Microsoft’s point of view and future strategy for our WW Travel and Transport industry. She is focused on leading the airlines, hospitality companies, cruise and freight logistics and rail Companies to driving innovation that will enhance the customer and employee journey, while driving increased productivity and cost reduction with the use of Microsoft’s technology and its eco-system of TTH solution partners. Julie was previously with IBM where she had a successful twenty-five plus year career managing and leading the Travel and Transportation industry. 

Tim Ford, President, myairops: 

Tim has an extensive background in working within aviation, military aviation, and cyber security. Tim has a strong history of building and driving growth in SaaS and service delivery organizations. Over the past 3 years as the president of myairops, Tim has driven the company vision forward to solve the challenges of the business aviation market, and continues to innovate and develop next-generation, advanced technologies.

James Milward, Chief Technology Officer, myairops: 

James’ passion lies in technology and he’s spent the last 15 years in research and development, technical architecture, technical leadership, team leadership, devops and development roles. James previously worked in digital agencies in London & Reading running teams servicing public and private sector clients and spent three years as Head of Technology at a SaaS startup before joining myairops last summer. James has thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the product portfolio at myairops and is really excited about the opportunities myairops have as a company with their unique blend of Aviation and Technology.

Jack Clement-Hayes, Sales Manager, myairops: 

Jack joined the expansion of myairops in 2018 just as the new SaaS systems were released to the Cloud. Jack’s focus is supporting the Aviation industry’s adoption of modern technology and processes to meet the demand for efficiency.