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Flight ops leaders

Unlock operational excellence

Providing flight operations managers and directors real-time data and analytics through accessible dashboards, enabling swift, data-driven decisions. Seamlessly manage costs, expenses and finances. Automated communication and updates on flight status, crew availability, and operational changes ensures your team are working with optimum efficiency.

Make fast data-led decisions

Boost team efficiency

Full operational oversight

Your technology partner

Your complete flight operations management system

Empowering efficiency through real-time insights and automated operations.

Make quick
informed decisions

Making quick data-led decisions and providing detailed reporting can be a challenge for ops teams. Our intuitive dashboards enable swift, informed decisions, eliminating reporting constraints and offering customizable insights for streamlined operations. Whether it’s tracking delays, assessing financial viability, or managing crewing and aircraft availability, get the data you need instantly.

  • Swift decision-making with real-time data insights
  • Simplified data visualization, transforming complex data into digestible insights
  • Customizable data access for streamlined operations

Operate more efficiently

Flight operations leaders frequently encounter difficulties in maintaining real-time updates, ensuring stakeholders are informed, and optimizing routine tasks, often relying on manual methods leading to operational inefficiencies.

  • Automate real-time updates on flight status, crew availability, and operational changes for increased efficiency
  • Streamline processes with automated tasking linked to triggers like aircraft, crew, passenger needs, or trip information
  • Enhance team productivity by reducing manual tasks and ensuring timely responses to dynamic operational requirements

Create a unified aviation ecosystem

Flight operations leaders often struggle with fragmented aviation and business systems, hindering a unified view of operations across the wider enterprise. Whether it’s the disconnect between your corporate flight operations and broader organizational functions or the lack of integration between charter sales, HR, and finance systems, we provide a seamless solution for comprehensive operational management.

  • Seamless integration with existing aviation and business systems through robust API capabilities
  • Centralized operational view for your business with powerful data insights, making your aviation platform the hub for all operations
  • Empowering leaders to efficiently manage both aviation department and broader business operations effortlessly

Efficiently manage resource and demands

Whether you’re a charter company juggling sales requests and aircraft availability or a flight department handling intricate trip requests for your executive team, we recognize the critical importance of comprehensive operational visibility and resource management. We empower flight ops leaders to optimize resource allocation and streamline operational efficiency by leveraging features that foster collaboration and communication within the team.

  • Enhanced roster capabilities streamline resource allocation and prevent FTL breaches
  • Calendar and Gantt ops board provide customizable trip and aircraft oversight in one modern view
  • Split view capabilities simplify resource allocation against aircraft availability and upcoming trips.

Why should you switch?

Streamlined communication


Simplified roster management

Trip support and ground operations

Ground ops leaders can effortlessly access additional trip support and flight planning services as a seamless add-on to myairops flight, whenever you need it. With a click of a button, you can instantly request trip support services, providing immediate assistance during peak periods or complex flights.

  • Effortless access to additional support
  • Streamlined trip setup and arrangements

Your trusted aviation software partner

At myairops, we don’t just offer next-generation software and excellent support—we go further. We become your trusted aviation software partner, deeply invested in your success. Our commitment extends beyond providing solutions; we actively collaborate with you to shape our roadmap, ensuring our technology evolves alongside your growing operation. This proactive approach ensures that our tools remain perfectly aligned with your unique needs and challenges, fostering a long-term partnership built on mutual success and innovation. From tailored product development and business intelligence to custom reporting and SLA-based support, we’re here with you every step of the way.

Smooth data migration to myairops

With a focus on providing an exceptional customer experience, you’ll have a dedicated customer success manager guiding you through every step of the process, from demo and training to onboarding and data migration.

  • No impact to your operations
  • Quick and seamless onboarding
  • Data cleanup
  • No lost data

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