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The difference in customs formalities and airport slots across different countries can be challenging to keep up with and can lead to penalties.


Airport Slots & PPR

myairops provides crucial slot tolerance information to prevent schedule disruptions and potential fines, utilizing our knowledgeable operations department and comprehensive technology.

Slots in Europe can be limited in peak seasons, requested slots versus what is allocated can create frustration amongst operators with tight schedules. With a large, experienced operations department team and a state-of-the-art operating system, myairops can aquire the additional information putting less strain and stress on both passengers and operators.

Customs Formalities

Avoid penalties by staying informed about customs and immigration requirements, with our system verifying operational feasibility and timeframes for information submission. Through information stored in the myairops system, along with a proactive attitude from our team, we verify we can operate a schedule based on if customs and immigration is available for a flight as well as checking an airport is open.

Time frames for supplying passenger and crew information to customs and immigration also varies around the world. We ensure our clients are aware of these time frames, so our clients are not penalised for late information supplied.

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