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Empower your reporting capabilities and data visualization with the robust OData v2 API integration within the myairops® flight system. The ODATA v2 API offers extensive coverage across the entire myairops flight system providing customers with the flexibility to enhance reporting capabilities within the system.

Users can seamlessly integrate their preferred Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) tools or Business Intelligence Platforms, such as Power BI, to craft bespoke reports or dashboards. This API fully adheres to the latest ODATA standard, ensuring compliance and compatibility.

A comprehensive visual data model is at your disposal, allowing the visualization of the entire myairops® data schema. Utilizing an ODATA plug-in for the popular open-source VS Code platform, users can effortlessly interact with and understand the underlying data structure. This visual representation enhances accessibility and facilitates a deeper understanding of the system’s data schema.

Booking API

The booking API provides complete API access to allow the read, write and update of CRM controlled data like passengers as well as allowing access to manipulate trips and legs or create a completely new booking demand. Access is provided to be able to update aircraft information, or operational information relating to a trip or leg.

Maintenance API

All maintenance events can be tracked within the system including details of the MRO, expected completion times and a complete audit log of all events that have occurred relating to the maintenance event. Different maintenance types can be recorded within the system including line maintenance, heavy base maintenance, paint and interior and AOG.

Badges inform Ops Board users of the aircraft’s status and when it is planned to be RTS. The system manages the release to service process and the system can block (depending on configuration) trips from being booked where the aircraft is unavailable.

To easily keep track of maintenance information and schedules reports can be created with the API to see a visual representation of the aircraft status.

Schedule API

The Schedule API provides complete access to the forward looking and historic aircraft schedule. This provides access to details relating to the crew, passengers and other aspects of the flying schedule.

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