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Tracking passenger, crew, employee and customer data can be challenging without a centralized system.


Contact Relationship Management (CRM) system

Pre-loaded and regularly updated with a directory of suppliers, including: FBOs, Fuel suppliers, Operators, Charter brokers, Hotels, MROs.

The CRM system allows the addition of passengers, employees, customers, and crew, complete with detailed contact information, including multiple passports and visas. It features an attachment and document store, facilitating the attachment of additional documents to records. The system also tracks usage, such as customer spend, and enables the definition of personal use relationships, including calculated imputed income.

Preferences can be expressed within the CRM, allowing operators and MROs failing to meet quality criteria to be marked as “to be avoided.” Users can define preferences based on criteria like location, client account, or aircraft tail number.

Contact information, including phone numbers, email addresses, and WhatsApp contact numbers, are hyperlinked for immediate access to email, VOIP, or WhatsApp Messenger. Custom tags can be added to accounts and contacts, providing contextual information to aid selection and reporting within the system. The CRM system enhances efficiency by centralizing and organizing diverse aviation-related contacts and information.

Admin management interface

The admin management interface serves as the gateway to configuring pivotal data that lays the groundwork for the entire system. This encompasses access to both aircraft and airport datasets, with the airport dataset receiving regular updates and enhancements through seamless data integrations. These integrations ensure that facility details and operating hours are consistently kept current and accurate.

Moreover, the admin interface provides a robust platform for the comprehensive configuration of tasks, maintenance types, crew duty types, and various other essential data categories.

This high degree of customization empowers users to fine-tune the myairops flight system precisely to align with their unique business preferences. For those seeking a hassle-free setup, a set of common defaults comes pre-loaded in the system, facilitating instant utilization and a smooth onboarding experience.

Using the existing Booking API organizations are able to integrate the joiners/leavers and employee update system of Workday directly with the myairops platform to ensure that the CRM system within the platform always has the most up to date passenger information.

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