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Finance & Payments


Finance tools

Traditional finance tools can track invoices and financials but fall short in meeting aviation-specific needs. The Flight system bridges this gap by integrating operational flight data with budget, quotation, and actual spend information, providing valuable insights.

The system facilitates the upload of supplier cost invoices, leveraging invoice details to categorize expenditures, such as fuel, handling, catering, navigation, landing fees, parking, maintenance, and crew expenses. These costs are then linked to the corresponding trip or leg, enabling detailed financial analysis and validation against planned budgets or charter quotes to monitor profit and loss. Integration with finance systems allows seamless transmission of invoice breakdowns, eliminating the need for managing input in two separate systems. Users can choose to input data first in Flight for analysis or in the finance tool, exporting it to flight for comprehensive analysis and reporting.

The preferred approach involves Flight, allowing for workflow management around invoice and expense approval, rejection, or dispute. Additionally, the system facilitates marking charges that can be re-charged and passed through, along with applying markups as specified in owner management contracts or charter quotations for recharged costs.

Pre-loaded with various spend tracking reports, the system provides easy visualization of data, with the flexibility to enhance and extend reports based on customer feedback. This ensures a tailored and effective financial tracking experience within the Flight system.

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