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Flight following & tracking


ADSB tracking

Utilizing a combination of terrestrial and satellite-based technology, Spire’s ADS-B data source ensures a global coverage area. This integration enables the myairops flight system to perform accurate positional flight tracking, allowing real-time monitoring of flights with course deviations. The system reacts dynamically to changes, calculating new estimated arrival times and providing early indications of delays and schedule impacts. The tracking rate offers near real-time updates on an easy-to-view map.

The ADS-B data is not only instrumental in flight tracking but also streamlines the completion of take-off and landing times directly within the myairops flight system. This integration saves pilots valuable time when updating information within the crew mobile app, ensuring efficiency in data recording.

In addition to ADS-B data, Spire enriches the myairops flight system with predictive weather forecast data. This valuable information is utilized within the Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) system, providing users with insights to make informed decisions. It also contributes to upcoming weather mapping overlays, enhancing the system’s capabilities in weather-related functionalities.

Real-time OOOI completion

All stages of the actual flight movements are recorded within the system via ADS-B module. The OOOI (out of the gate, off the ground, on the ground and into the gate) information is automatically updated within the system and can be accessed at any time.

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