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Keeping track of external changes with fuel pricing, spending trends and market changes can be difficult


Fuel pricing

Achieve comprehensive insight into spending trends and market changes with the system’s complete historic tracking of fuel prices. Users can select a specific fuel supplier for each movement or trip leg, accessing the current stored fuel price within myairops flight.

myairops flight is directly integrated with FuelerLinx for seamless access to its wealth of information. Users can utilize our system’s drag-and-drop upload feature to import contract fuel prices from vendors directly into the platform. Loaded fuel prices are automatically included on trip sheets and dynamically communicated to the crew app, ensuring the crew is informed of the best and preferred pricing for each movement.

Expense tracking

Our system supports the meticulous tracking of fuel spend and accommodates multiple payment methods. This feature enables in-depth analysis of fuel spend, generating valuable insights through various financial analysis reports available within the system. This data empowers operators to make informed decisions based on their fuel expenditure.

Fuel uplift management

The Fuel Uplift Management feature in our system simplifies the fuel purchase process, improves expense tracking accuracy, and enhances financial management. Users can capture fuel purchases, including photographic evidence, facilitating seamless processing of financial invoices and automatic correlation of expenses. The system allows flexible capture of payment details, enabling organizations to communicate their preferred payment method to crew members for each fuel supplier and specific FBO locations.

Streamlined financial invoicing is achieved through myairops algorithms that detect and correlate correct spending, minimizing manual effort and ensuring accurate financial records. The application provides the flexibility to capture payment method details, streamlining the fuel uplift process by recording the preferred payment method.

The system’s tracking capabilities cover volume uplift for fuel burn calibration and financial details, enabling operators to maintain accurate records of fuel consumption. By comparing actual fuel prices to negotiated prices, the system provides alerting mechanisms for cost control and effective fuel management.

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