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Ground Services


Lack of visibility into available space, aircraft locations, and booking statuses hinders effective management and customer service.


Ground Services & HOTAC

Rely on our extensive database for safe and reliable crew and passenger transport, as well as hotel reservations worldwide. Utilizing myairops flight, the ground ops team have the knowledge to determine which handling agent/FBO to use to provide the best handling services. Not all handling agents provide the service level expected from our clients, from efficient communication to quality of services at each location, we look at all aspects of handling services to determine our preferred suppliers.

Manage Parking & Hangarage

Efficient oversight of parking and hangar space ensures there are no scheduling conflicts or space allocation issues.

With myairops flight, ground operators can oversee parking and hangar space with a visual display highlighting overlapping demand and aircraft locations, detailing dates, times, status, and dimensions. Facilitate collaboration by granting Airport or Operator permission to view or share this information, optimizing service offerings.

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