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A lack of streamlined maintenance management leads to difficulties in producing, issuing, controlling and tracking maintenance tasks leading to delays.


Approved Maintenance Programme (AMP) management

myairops cam provides a maintenance module to register and manage the Approved Maintenance Programme (AMP) at task and check level, allowing users to produce, issue, manage and control maintenance tasks.


Effectively manage hard-time components and on-condition and condition-monitored components with myairops cam. Users can track the usage and condition of these components automatically to ensure that they are compliant.

Asset Health Monitoring

The asset health monitoring service can detect any potential issues with aircraft assets. This allows both lender and owner/operator to ensure that compliance is being maintained such that hand backs post-lease mitigate surprises for either party.

Modification & Damage Repair

myairops cam allows users to keep track of the review process and ensure proper documentation and control over aircraft assets. This enables the correct management of modifications and allows damage repairs to be appropriately managed with review and recommendation advice.

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