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Organizations struggle to efficiently register and manage their Approved Maintenance Programme (AMP) at both task and check levels.


Maintenance management

All maintenance events can be tracked within the system including details of the MRO, expected completion times and a complete audit log of all events that have occurred relating to the maintenance event. Different maintenance types can be recorded within the system including line maintenance, heavy base maintenance, paint and interior and AOG.

The system manages the release to service process and the system can block (depending on configuration) trips from being booked where the aircraft is unavailable. Badges inform Ops Board users of the aircraft’s status and when it is planned to be RTS. Accessing the maintenance schedule alongside the flight schedule avoids any miscommunication between scheduling and maintenance teams and allows for better planning.

A filter can be placed on the Due List to ensure that only the critical due items are exposed to other system users. This ensures that due list items that must not be exceeded (either by date, hours, cycles) are highlighted to users and reduces the risk of these items being missed.

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