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Passenger Management


Passport management

The passport selection provides several columns such as issuing country and expiry date to make it easy to determine which is the required passport for the individual. The system also supports the ability to set a preferred passport in those instances where the system cannot automatically pick the best passport when the crew or passenger member holds multiple passports (which could be from the same issuing country).

PAX Priority Indicator

Within the request screen, users can utilize the PAX Priority Indicator to identify priority passengers. This enables users to easily see this information without having to search for it ensuring a streamlined approach to manifest management and enhanced customer service.

Advanced PAX filter

A feature designed for creating complex queries to efficiently filter the movement and request listing grid with passenger (PAX) information.

The PAX filter simplifies the query-building process by providing instructions as you type. Users can search for specific PAX or partial matches and then enhance queries using AND, OR, NOT operators. Further precision can be achieved by utilizing quotation marks to enforce an exact match or brackets to logically group criteria.

The PAX filter allows users to continue applying the usual filter options, narrowing down searches further by entering aircraft locations or specifying date ranges for scheduled off blocks.

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