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Ensuring flights are equipped with the correct permits for flying and staying compliant with regulations can be challenging


Overflight Permits

Proactive planning ensures timely acquisition of permits, with alternative routes considered if needed, and thorough knowledge of permit requirements based on aircraft registration and operation specifics. The ground ops team will look at alternative routes and obtain additional overflight permits should a permit not be approved before the flight is planned to take place, in order to prevent any risk of a schedule needing to be amended.

Landing Permits

Knowing which countries require a Landing Permit depending on registration of an aircraft, type of operation, how many seats are on board an aircraft and how long it takes to obtain a Landing Permit are all valuable bits of information to know when planning a new trip schedule. The ground ops team has all the information to obtain a permit correctly and efficiently.

Charter Permits

With decades of commercial operator experience, myairops handles complex global charter permit requirements, alleviating the burden on operators. The ground ops team can relieve some of the pressure and provide approval. With a rare extensive list of contacts within myairops, this process can be accelerated.

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