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Risk Assessment



Pilots must discern between low-risk and high-risk flights in advance, establishing a robust review process and implementing effective risk mitigation strategies. The myairops flight system prioritizes early risk assessment, ensuring that risks are thoroughly evaluated well before the last moment when time pressures could introduce additional uncertainties.

Flight variables including trip changes, weather fluctuations, aircraft serviceability, maintenance restrictions, and varying pilot experience levels can arise. To address these variables, a system is required not only for assessing, reviewing, and mitigating risks but also for alerting relevant users when attention is needed for a specific trip. For example, if a trip involves flying to a hazardous airport close to the limits of aircraft performance and the crew hasn’t completed the required simulator training for that specific approach, the myairops system ensures that the appropriate users are promptly notified.

Within the myairops system, users can launch the FRAT slide-over while creating and managing movements. The FRAT interface presents a checklist-style format, allowing users to tick off relevant risks associated with each movement. Additionally, the interface displays the Total Risk Value and Scoring in a clear and visual manner, providing a comprehensive overview of the risk assessment.

The myairops flight system comes equipped with a range of built-in questions automatically populated based on available information within the system. These questions cover various aspects, such as pilot rest periods, airport conditions, and flight conditions. Users can also define custom questions and risk scores that align with their unique operation.

Flight feasibility

It is essential for pilots to ensure flights are feasible, establishing a robust review process and implementing appropriate risk mitigation strategies. Flights can encounter variables such as the runway being too short and aircraft not having enough range. These variables need to be assessed and relevant users will be notified promptly within the system when attention is required for a specific trip.

Airport risk classification

Within a leg/movement there is a tick box to Confirm Airport Warnings and capture whether the Airport Category has specifically been understood. Risk assessments can be completed at airport level to highlight airports that are CAT A, for example. This is integrated with the myairops Crew App so crew members can confirm the category on the app, and it will be transmitted directly to the myairops flight system.

Weather & NOTAMS

Stay updated on weather and notices to airmen for smooth trip planning and execution. Receive instant notifications, including important updates like NOTAMs (Notice to Airmen), to stay up to date with the latest information impacting your operations. Notices can be added manually, or the system can be configured to automatically ingest NOTAMS.

Cosmic radiation tracking

Through our integration with PCAire, customers can calculate and monitor crew cosmic radiation rates. No separate contract or subscription is necessary; it can be directly added to your existing Flight system.

As the latest cosmic radiation data becomes available each month, based on solar and environmental activity, your crew movements will be analyzed, and the cosmic radiation dosage will be automatically incorporated into the system. This data is exportable in various formats to meet national authorities’ requirements, eliminating the need for your teams to manually calculate or export information to external systems.

CO2 Reporting

The system offers CO2 reporting capabilities at both the trip and sector/leg levels. Information regarding the generated CO2 amounts can be seamlessly incorporated into quotes, invoices, trip itineraries, and other reports generated by the system. Specifically, reports are available for UK ETS, EU ETS, and CORSAIR. Flight also integrates with 4Air for audit tracking and verification purposes.

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