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Managing crew roster and operations simultaneously can be challenging for organizations


Crew duty roster

With full support for touch controls on tablet devices, coupled with bulk duty assignments, and robust filtering and sorting options, the system empowers users to build rosters faster than ever before. Context columns provide key statistics about crew members within the roster period or a set timeframe, including days off, rest days, duty days, weekends worked, vacation days, and more.

Experience the Crew Duty Timeline, a dynamic roster builder and duty viewer with a time-based perspective. Right-click on the timeline to insert or delete duties, and watch as duty blocks are created for crew members with default settings automatically applied.

Enhance crew duty customization with the option to specify specializations for the “On Duty” type, enabling precise tracking of various tasks.

Efficiently manage duty-specific notes through the Crew Duty information, recording essential details for regulatory compliance. Accessible through the crew duty listing grid or by right-clicking on a duty and selecting the Notes tab, this feature includes standard rich text note fields with formatting options.

Integrate shift patterns seamlessly into your operations. The system allows users to input shift patterns for structuring default On Duty and Off Duty types when building a roster.

Tasking engine

The Task Engine intelligently generates tasks for trips and legs based on configurable rules and conditions. Tasks are dynamically created only when specific conditions are met, eliminating the need to manage and review irrelevant tasks. Whether it’s trip requirements, leg changes, or other factors, the system ensures that tasks are precisely tailored to each operation.

The Task Engine allows users to update tasks with progress and track changes over time. Task statuses can be easily updated as progress is made, ensuring visibility and collaboration within the team. An audit log meticulously tracks all changes to tasks, providing a comprehensive history for reference and ensuring accountability in task management.

myairops users benefit from convenient task summaries directly within the Ops Board interface, simplifying task management. Schedulers and dispatchers can view and manage task summaries through a convenient Task Summary slide-in panel, eliminating the need to switch between multiple screens. This integrated approach keeps task management within the workflow, enabling efficient updates and ensuring smooth operations

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