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The Requests page in myairops flight offers a user-friendly platform for entering single or multi-sector trip details, providing a comprehensive set of features to capture key information related to the trip:

Users can effortlessly add general booking notes and create checklists with accompanying notes, ensuring thorough documentation of trip-related information.

Efficiently manage passenger manifests across all sectors, including trip type, reason, personal use, charge back codes, and more. This feature allows for seamless passenger management and enhances the overall travel experience.

Manage sector details with ease, including handling agents, notes, cargo information, and other crucial details, ensuring accurate and detailed trip planning.

Upload associated documents such as flight plans, invoices, and safety documents directly within the Requests page, providing a centralized location for all relevant trip documentation.


The booking process is streamlined through an intuitive processing wizard, allowing users to review and confirm each sector’s details before proceeding. Crew assignment is made simple by selecting desired crew members and their positions, ensuring proper crew management and coordination. Efficiently adding passengers to the trip is facilitated through clear steps outlined in the ‘Passengers’ section.

Upon reviewing and finalizing all necessary information, the request is automatically updated on the Ops Board, signalling a successful booking and processing. This workflow guarantees accurate sector information, facilitates aircraft selection, ensures efficient crew assignment, streamlines passenger management, and provides seamless updates on the Ops Board.

Quotation engine

The Quotation engine is a versatile tool designed to address various challenges, including predictive cost analysis for corporate flight departments and generating customer quotes in charter sales. It features a comprehensive set of calculation criteria for both complex and simple cost/price constructions, with a pre-loaded pricing taxonomy that can be customized.

The engine links to financials, highlighting discrepancies between quoting assumptions and actual financial data. It manages sales commissions and rounding rules through a powerful rule matching engine. Users can manually edit all aspects of a quote, with changes tracked and revertible. The system supports multiple currency handling and produces high-quality PDF and Word quotations with detailed aircraft images.

In situations where actual operational details differ from initial estimates, the system allows the generation of a new quote based on actuals. This functionality considers completed trip information and adjusts pricing based on recorded operational details. The system also supports linking quotations with aircraft operators for sub-charter or off-fleet charter scenarios.

Additional features include preserving the drag-and-drop order of price items, linking quotations with aircraft operators, and enforcing strict total item matching for improved accuracy in the quotation engine configuration.

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