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Schedule Management


Managing multiple schedules and keeping track of movements can be challenging for aviation professionals without a unified solution.


Split View

The split view provides a concise, single-screen overview of aircraft and crew movements, streamlining operational management by consolidating all relevant information in one accessible location. Additionally, the aircraft color group feature offers a distinct visual representation of aircraft movements and crew assignments, providing clear confirmation of crewed personnel for each trip or movement.

In the split view, users can seamlessly leverage the full functionality of both features, including convenient slide-ins for on-the-spot duty creation and quick identification of crewing gaps. This intuitive design allows for a comprehensive overview, making operational management more efficient.

The split view can be used independently, with horizontal and vertical scrolling for each pane, or users can opt to ‘link up’ or ‘link down.’ This synchronization feature ensures that both panes move as one, providing a customized view based on the selected option.

When the panes are unlinked, users have the flexibility to update settings for each pane independently, such as displaying a specific number of days. In linked mode, updates apply to both panes, ensuring a consistent view for a streamlined experience.

Calendar view

Providing a versatile solution for both short-term and long-term schedule management, the Calendar View offers a concise overview of movement/leg and crew duty blocks over an extended period. Configuring your preferred view is straightforward, with a dedicated settings button allowing easy adjustments for diary, movement, and maintenance block displays. Choose between stacking or scrolling blocks for flexible management and viewing.

A notable addition is the critical dues countdown information displayed directly on aircraft blocks, offering a quick overview of upcoming maintenance tasks. The Calendar View provides flexible display options, including regular, expanded, or condensed views tailored to specific data presentation needs.

Optimized for tablet devices, the Calendar View ensures a seamless scaling experience, maintaining accessible context menus for efficient block interaction. Clicking on an aircraft block opens a dynamic panel, providing comprehensive aircraft information, including utilization insights, maintenance notes, and an image of the aircraft.

Timeline view

The Ops Board in myairops flight is a centralized tool offering real-time visibility into flights, crew duties, maintenance, and more. It streamlines operations by presenting a timeline view with distinct “swim lanes” for each aircraft, providing at-a-glance status, configuration, and location details. Enhancing user functionality, a right-click context menu provides quick access to features like satellite tracking and communication with the crew. Users gain critical insights into earliest duty times, rest durations, and aircraft positions, empowering them to make informed decisions.

The Ops Board also features interactive elements such as “popovers” for quick information access and slide-in controls for efficient task management. These streamline workflows from trip setup to dispatch without leaving the central board interface. Extending its capabilities to crew duty blocks, the Ops Board ensures users have all necessary details, including duty times and types. Crew duty tooltips offer insights into future duty impacts, such as Latest Duty Off, Duration, and Duty Available under Flight Time Limitations.

Color groups

Efficiently grouping aircraft, crew, and passengers for easy identification and management is crucial. However, traditional methods often lack a streamlined approach, leading to confusion and inefficiencies in operations. With a user-friendly and intuitive grouping system, organizations can manage these groups effectively.


The movement screen provides all details relating to a sector/leg within the system. There are several tabs that display the following information: movement details, passenger information, cosmic radiation, fuel/oil, dispatch notes, expenses, airport notes, attachments, pre-flight and post-flight items.

Change log

For detailed tracking of data modifications, our system introduces a change tracking log offering a granular view of changes, identifying who made specific modifications, when they occurred, and showcasing the differential view of data objects before and after the changes. This level of change tracking ensures accountability, facilitating auditing and data management processes.

In addition to comprehensive logging, our system provides context-enabled change log features. These features capture and log specific changes within relevant contexts, ensuring visibility and traceability of critical modifications. For instance, passenger changes on a request or variant changes to a quote are recorded, empowering users to track significant modifications related to passengers or quotes. These features contribute to staying informed about crucial changes and facilitating effective data management.

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