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Situational Awareness


Without access to real-time data and integrated business intelligence tools it can be hard for operators to stay up-to-date with notifications and alerts.


Weather & NOTAMS

Stay updated on weather and notices to airmen for smooth trip planning and execution. Receive instant notifications, including important updates like NOTAMs (Notice to Airmen), to stay up to date with the latest information impacting your operations. Notices can be added manually, or the system can be configured to automatically ingest NOTAMS.

Flight Information Display System (FIDS)

Experience real-time updates, personalized accessibility, and tailored styling with our Flight Information Display System. This configurable view presents the status of crew, passengers, tasks, conditions, dispatch time, scheduled times, actual times, and ETAs. Specifically designed for operation room environments, the FIDS ensures efficient monitoring of essential information.

Tailor the FIDS board to align with the best organizational view by applying styling options that suit any preferences. This customizable feature ensures that the display is not only informative but also visually aligned with the organizational aesthetic.


Stay informed and connected with myairops flight’s comprehensive notification system, designed to provide updates and alerts that foster effective operational coordination. Effectively manage notifications to ensure a timely flow of information throughout operations, empowering users with the knowledge needed for seamless decision-making.

Streamline workflows with linked tasks that automatically accompany each notification, allowing for prompt action and streamlined coordination within the team.

Aircraft Performance

Keep track of aircraft performance directly within the system. Access MACH profiles, climb, speed and all aircraft type and performance configurations. This allows for accurate flying times and profiles within the system.

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