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The system features comprehensive SIFL calculation capabilities for determining personal use tax for: Employees, Spouses, Dependents, Guests granted personal use of an aircraft (referred to as a Sponsor).

Users can manage personal use assignments and link contacts via a Personal Use tab on an employee record to create Sponsors. The enhanced passenger tab allows identification of passengers for personal use, selection of the appropriate Sponsor for tax calculation, and application of the 50% rule, with system warnings for rule applicability.

Automatic updates of SIFL rates from the IRS, including special rates related to the COVID-19 pandemic, are integrated into the system. In the trip manifest view, users can choose calculation methods per passenger (Per Leg/Segment or Incremental), apply the 7 Day Rule, and specify Personal Days %. The system also issues warnings for criteria non-compliance.

Upon trip completion, the system generates a detailed trip calculation summary, breaking down tax calculations per passenger, factoring in SIFL rates, deducting employee reimbursements, and displaying Net Taxable SIFL Fare on the Personal Use tab. This information is also available via a quick slide-in during trip browsing for contextual insights. The system adeptly manages complex trips with multiple Sponsors, automatically calculating distances and performing per-passenger calculations based on trip type, eliminating the need for intricate spreadsheets. Standard reports support personal use reporting requirements.

myairops flight includes a calculation engine for the accurate calculation of taxes that apply when operating to certain countries or ICAO regions.


It is a requirement for companies to disallow expenses, aircraft costs and any depreciation from non-business flights and are reported as company deductions. The non-business use percentage is then used for the reduction of the expenses, aircraft costs depreciation on the company’s tax return.


Through the use of a time-sharing agreement, an aircraft operator has the ability to seek limited reimbursement for a flight by looking at charges made across a particular set of items. When users load their costs into the system, reports can be created based on actual costs incurred.

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