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myairops, a global provider of SaaS products to the aviation industry and Perceiver AI, a leader in transparent artificial intelligence, today announced they are entering into an exclusive agreement to provide versions of myairops aviation products with Perceiver AI technologies built in.

myairops offers a complete set of products and services to the aviation industry and the company exists to automate business processes based on over 34 years of knowledge of building products specifically for the vertical. This allows organizations to do more with their valuable resources and deliver their services in the most cost-effective way possible. With a focus on actionable data and workflow optimization that considers not only the integration between products but the way the data is used and kept up to date, the company has built its WorldView automation engine that adapts and responds to continual changes in contextual events and information.

Perceiver AI provides the first mass market application of genetic programming based artificial intelligence in what they describe as a breakthrough evolutionary engine (patent pending). Perceiver AI takes the Darwinian concept of survival of the fittest and applies it to data model evaluation. Founder, Howie Altman, describes the invention as a “powerful and novel AI service, an out-of-the-box solution that drastically outperforms existing AI.

Left: Tim Ford, President and Managing Director   Right: Howie Altman, CEO, Perceiver AI

Perceiver AI’s novel evolutionary engine is able to achieve the following by leveraging a mathematically superior approach: 1) consistently outperforms existing AI including deep learning; 2) achieves causal analysis in addition to pattern recognition; 3) produces completely transparent models delivered as code; 4) removes all human bias; 5) allows the user to build upon existing knowledge (laws of physics, biomedical models, and all other known axioms, theorems, and algorithms). Perceiver is also designed to be highly scalable, and it is able to accommodate expansive datasets using sophisticated distributed programming.

The combination of myairops’ aviation know-how, products and services with the proven capabilities of Perceiver’s groundbreaking AI technology is the logical next step for us. Perceiver AI have achieved some truly remarkable results in other market verticals, and we are excited to bring new offerings to market through this collaboration” said Tim Ford, President of myairops. He went on to say “The application of AI in the aviation sector has been underutilized to date and we see many areas in commercial and business aviation that can benefit from the solutions we will be able to provide. Whether this is optimizing high-cost items such as fuel, optimizing aircraft scheduling and positioning, or building predictive rosters for staff. There are multiple problems we can now help our customers solve or approach in ways that previously would not have been accessible or were cost prohibitive. We have customers who have hundreds of aircraft and others that may operate a single aircraft within their operation. We believe in providing solutions that can be accessed by everyone, no matter their size.

We are extremely excited about this partnership. myairops is a proven leader in aviation and especially now, as jet fuel prices skyrocket again, we can bring an unprecedented level of optimization – we are already seeing savings in the 5-30% range. The benefits for the industry, across both business and commercial aviation, will be very impactful. And we are proud to be doing it exclusively with this world class team.” said Howie Altman, CEO of Perceiver AI.

If you want to learn more about how myairops and Perceiver AI can help your business, contact us at email hidden; JavaScript is required.


Tim Ford, President of myairops and Howie Altman, CEO of Perceiver AI discuss the importance of the partnership and what it means for the aviation industry at NBAA Schedulers and Dispatchers Conference 2022.

We explore:

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  • Who are Perceiver AI?
  • Why have we partnered?
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