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Onboarding & Data Migration

Your success is our priority

With myairops, transitioning from your current flight operations software is easy. With the help and guidance of our dedicated customer success team, your new system will be up and running as quickly as possible.

Your dedicated Solutions Consultant

Meet the Team

Marc Scheimann

Ade Mansbrige

Rory Jones

James Gowdy

Partnered with an expert

You’ll be paired with a dedicated Lead Solutions Consultant for your Onboarding Project, your personal guide to ensure a smooth journey with us. This expert will collaborate with our teams in report writing, engineering, product, and support to provide a seamless myairops experience.

Support throughout the transition

As your trusted advisor and subject matter expert, they’ll lead the onboarding process, keeping you informed at every step, offering progress updates, and tailoring our platform to your needs.

Demonstrations and training

Our Solutions Consultants will provide engaging demos and train your team proving expert tips and tricks, so your team will quickly become proficient with the myairops platform.

Onboarding to myairops in 8 easy steps


Familiarization workshop

We begin by understanding your current platform and specific requirements in an initial workshop.

Data export

We export data from your current system in manageable batches, ensuring platform performance is unaffected.

Data analysis

The exported data is analyzed to confirm its correct format and suitability for the new platform.

Data import

We configure and import the data, ensuring proper mapping and formatting.

Data validation

A data validation process is carried out to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Data refinement

Any identified issues during validation are addressed, refining and adjusting the data as needed.

Customer validation

You conduct your own validation and provide feedback for necessary changes.

Final migration

After incorporating feedback, we agree on a final migration date, marking the last data migration.