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Customer onboarding process

Kick-off meeting: gathering information
(1 week)

At the beginning of the customer onboarding process, we request the necessary information from the customer to initiate a kick-off meeting. This information includes details about the customer’s specific requirements, operational processes, and any existing systems they currently use. This initial phase aims to establish a clear understanding of the customer’s needs and objectives, ensuring a smooth transition to our platform.

System access confirmation
(1 week)

Following the kick-off meeting, we grant the customer access to the system. During this stage, the customer receives login credentials and instructions on how to access and navigate the platform. This step enables the customer to explore the system and become familiar with its features and functionalities.

Data migration and report validation
(1-4 months)

Once the customer has gained system access, we support them in migrating their existing data onto the platform. This process involves validating the accuracy of the data migration report, ensuring that all essential information is transferred correctly. Additionally, we supply common and sample reports that can be utilized by the customer for effective data analysis.

Workshops and training
(2-4 weeks)

To ensure that customers make the most of our platform, dedicated workshops and training sessions are conducted. These sessions are designed to familiarize the customer’s team with the system’s capabilities and functionalities. Participants learn how to optimally utilize the platform’s features, such as manifest management, passenger scenario handling, financial controls, and regulatory compliance tools. The workshops and training sessions may span over a period of 2 to 4 weeks, allowing sufficient time for the customer’s team to gain confidence and proficiency in using the system.

Environment sign-off and go-live date agreement
(1 week)

Upon completion of the workshops and training, the customer and myairops conduct a thorough review of the environment to ensure it meets the customer’s specific requirements. This step involves verifying that the system has been configured correctly, and all necessary customisations have been implemented. Once the customer is satisfied with the environment, both parties agree on a go-live date for the system. This ensures that all necessary preparations have been made before transitioning to the live environment.

Go-live: platform launch

With the environment sign-off and the agreed-upon go-live date, we proceed to put the platform live. The customer’s data, reports, and configurations are all finalized, and the platform is ready for full utilization. At this stage, customers can leverage the myairops platform’s capabilities to streamline their operations and eliminate inefficiencies.

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