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  • Manage multiple fleets, aircraft types and regulations simultaneously
  • Powerful reporting capabilities
  • Reduce the strain on your workforce with tools designed for CAMO efficiency

By utilizing myairops cam, CAMOs can efficiently manage multiple fleets and aircraft types while reducing skill requirements, with the help of tools specifically designed for their operations.

Maintenance tracking

Workflow efficiency


Error prevention

Multi-type maintenance forecasting

Maintenance forecasting for multiple aircraft types and customers with myairops cam, simplifying complex tasks.

  • Streamlined organization and analysis of data across different aircraft types and customers
  • Deal with tolerances/variations with different aircraft under the same maintenance program
  • Significant time savings through efficient forecasting processes
  • Proactive maintenance planning facilitated by accurate forecasting

Enhanced accuracy

myairops cam facilitates automated tracking of all maintenance tasks, drastically reducing the potential for errors and inefficiencies.

  • An accelerated approval process enhances operational efficiency and reduces downtime
  • Improved accuracy and efficiency streamline maintenance operations, ensuring regulatory compliance and optimal aircraft performance

Optimize CAMO operations

Reduce the risk of non-compliance and reduce the complexities of maintenance requirements with myairops cam.

Making maintenance teams lives easier

Easily see the status of maintenance tasks as well as a comprehensive view of tasks relating to each aircraft. Powerful filters and search capabilities allows users to keep track of all tasks.

  • See what tasks are due and the status of entire fleet
  • See components related to specific tasks
  • Easily access any documents linked to tasks

Comprehensive reporting engine

Generate reports effortlessly, extracting data in various formats for in-depth analysis. myairops cam provides a robust reporting engine, instantly collating technical and commercial data within the system.

  • Robust reporting engine for technical and commercial data
  • Extract data in various formats for in-depth analysis

The complete
maintenance management tool

Eliminate complexities, tedious procedures, and outdated interfaces with myairops cam.

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