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Embrace efficiency

User-friendly solutions for schedulers & dispatchers that save time, eliminate errors, enhance communication, and optimize operations.

Save time & eliminate errors

Enhance communications

Stay informed

Revolutionize aviation operations

Our modern platform empowers schedulers and dispatchers to streamline scheduling tasks, eliminate errors, enhance communication, and optimize operations, revolutionizing the way aviation professionals manage complex tasks.

Save time & eliminate errors

Schedulers and dispatchers face challenges of managing complex scheduling, crew rotations, and simultaneous flight coordination, which are often time-consuming and prone to errors.

  • Complete aircraft, trip and roster oversight in one modern user-friendly interface
  • Automation of tasks linked with trips, crew, aircraft, and passengers
  • Increased efficiency and reduced manual workload for schedulers and dispatcher

Your communication & collaboration solution

Coordinating with flight crews, ground staff, and various stakeholders can lead to miscommunications and potential delays which is a common challenge for schedulers and dispatchers. myairops flight and the myairops crew app offers a centralized hub for real-time updates and seamless communication, eliminating miscommunications and delays.

  • Enhanced connectivity between ops teams and crew with features like real-time messaging, status updates, and automated alerts
  • Elimination of miscommunications and time-consuming manual updates
  • Data and trip information flows seamlessly from ops teams to crew, PAX and other stakeholders

Live events with real-time variables automatically considered

Dynamic factors such as weather conditions, airspace restrictions, in-flight delays and airport cancellations can add further challenges to flight operations. With integrated ADS-B tracking, myairops flight constantly monitors real-time variables and live events, alerting users to necessary adjustments and interventions. This feature can automatically initiate tasks or notify relevant parties in response to issues. CEO’s flight delayed? Automatically notify PA’s and stakeholders.

  • Auto update of pre and post-flight information
  • Alert users to necessary adjustments and interventions
  • Automatic initiation of tasks or notification of relevant parties in response to issues

The platform built to make your life easier

Stay informed with contextual notifications tailored to your trip, aircraft, crew, or passengers. From allergy alerts to airport closures and equipment requirements, receive timely updates on crucial information to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Benefit from structured training on myairops flight product as part of our seamless onboarding, guided by a dedicated customer success manager. Plus, access our 24/7 support team for immediate assistance with any product queries.

Effortlessly manage, track, and assign tasks for trips, crew, aircraft, and passengers. Benefit from automated tasking, reducing manual processes by auto-assigning and creating tasks based on specific criteria.

Enhancing passenger management with myairops

Experience streamlined operations and heightened PAX management efficiency with myairops flight, designed to empower schedulers and dispatchers:

  • Effortlessly update passenger lists and manifests, ensuring accuracy and timeliness
  • Easily identify personal use and trip reasons within the platform
  • Seamlessly file eAPIS and ensure compliance with Secure Flight regulations, simplifying regulatory processes
  • Identify priority passengers and priority levels within the system

Your reliable aviation software partner

At myairops, our commitment goes beyond offering state-of-the-art software and outstanding support. We strive to establish ourselves as your dependable aviation software ally, wholeheartedly invested in your triumph. Our dedication extends further than simply providing solutions; we actively collaborate with you to shape our roadmap, ensuring that our technology evolves alongside your expanding operation. This proactive approach guarantees that our tools consistently align with your distinctive requirements and obstacles, fostering a long-term partnership founded on shared accomplishments and progressive thinking. From personalised product development and insightful business intelligence to bespoke reporting and support based on SLAs, we stand by your side at every stage of the journey.

Effortless data migration to myairops

With a strong emphasis on delivering an outstanding customer experience, we provide you with a dedicated customer success manager who will accompany you throughout the entire process. Whether it’s conducting demos, providing comprehensive training, facilitating the onboarding process, or ensuring seamless data migration, our team is committed to guiding you through each step.

  • No downtime
  • Quick, seamless onboarding
  • Data cleanup
  • No lost data

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