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Seamless crew qualification and currency tracking

At myairops we are focused on providing our customers as much automation as possible, especially when managing complex tasks like monitoring qualifications and currency across crew members. 

myairops flight is a flight management software that supports multiple regulations across the globe; allowing operators to operate in multiple jurisdictions with multiple certificates simultaneously. Through powerful checks and protective measures, myairops flight provides safeguards to ensure crew members with insufficient type ratings, training, qualifications or recency cannot be used on a flight. In addition, real time dynamic checks against FTLs, restrictions and fatigue provide additional protection to organisations using our scheduling software. 

Providing early visibility of crewing problems is a huge time saver for operations departments. myairops flight provides enhanced tracking of all aspects of crew currency and qualification requirements. Ensuring that crew are permitted to operate the aircraft based on their recent experience is a key part of efficient and effective operations and crew scheduling.

myairops has recently enhanced qualification monitoring with enhanced support for crew members who serve as Second In Command (SIC). Through additional functionality within the myairops crew mobile app and within the SaaS based system, myairops have simplified the process to ensure regulations such as the FAA CFR 135.245 can be easily tracked and monitored.

If a crew member is approaching the limits of the required instrument approaches or has insufficient experience with holding procedures and tasks, in addition to intercepting and tracking courses through the use of navigational electronic systems, the system will provide timely notifications to ensure that crew member can be planned for currency.

If a crew member has expired, such as returning from furlough, the system will provide safe guards to alert and block the release of the flight if the crew member has been crewed and the warnings have been ignored.

Next steps

If you want to find out more about how myairops flight management software can automate your operations; contact on email hidden; JavaScript is required to arrange a demonstration and a no cost trial.