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At myairops, we understand that FBOs are complex operational environments and we work closely with our FBO customers across the world to support them in implementing operational improvements.

myairops fbo’s integration with Eurocontrol’s Network Manager (NM), helps FBOs take advantage of the ‘network approach’ to solving operational problems.

Operations departments no longer need to manually lookup flight data on CFMU and enter it into their system. Flight leg data is automatically created within myairops fbo and schedule changes, delays or cancellations are updated in real-time whilst notifying you of these events as they happen. The myairops fbo integration with Eurocontrol provides complete situational awareness of the live and up and coming demand at a single FBO location or across your entire FBO network. myairops fbo enables you to do more with less through automated work-flows, improving operational performance and allowing you to remain agile and make decisions based on real-time data between systems.

Contact us at email hidden; JavaScript is required to see how we can help you solve your FBO’s operational complexities. Or download the myairops fbo product guide by filling out the form below.


Download the myairops fbo product guide