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Weeks and months are no longer required for inputting the vast quantities of data associated with an aircraft. Turnaround time has been slashed by new data processing techniques embedded in the myairops cam software, allowing businesses to significantly reduce the cost of onboarding new aircraft and having to duplicate work in overlapping systems.

Best of all, the onboarding toolkit is free for myairops customers. Where other vendors require onboarding services and fees, myairops gives you the option to alleviate your workforce with our certified CAMO Engineers, or to onboard the aircraft yourself. Support is there to help, but with the onboarding wizard, data is easily uploaded to the system with irregularities flagged for verification.

To further increase aircraft onboarding and transition turnaround, myairops cam offers aircraft type templates that can be copied and pasted for new aircraft. The time saved setting up new aircraft is significant; the time saved setting up the associated tasks and action list is huge. As templates are matched to your business and your turnaround times for tasks, the templates allow replicated aircraft setup and more accurate prediction of deadlines. Processes for that aircraft type are then standardized for each following transition project.

Bringing huge cost savings with each aircraft onboarding, myairops provides a toolkit for templated data entry. Drag and drop to the template and oversee the import exactly how you are used to seeing your data, meaning no unpleasant surprises or missing information.

View our video to see how myairops users can utilize the aircraft onboarding toolkit features.