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We are excited to introduce the Ops Board Calendar View

You asked, and we listened. We are thrilled to introduce our latest feature – the Ops Board Calendar View. Your feedback and suggestions have been at the forefront of our development, and we’re excited to bring you this powerful addition to our software, designed to make your operations management even more efficient and customized to your unique workflow. Easily flick between the timeline view or the calendar view, whatever suits you. Discover how we’ve tailored the Calendar View to meet your needs and enhance your experience.

Calendar View vs Timeline View

Customizable Views and Color Coding

The Calendar View introduces new functionalities, including color coding for easy identification. We’ve maintained the color-coding system from the Ops Board timeline view and made it even more user-friendly. Colors represent the state of each task, such as Red for AOG and Yellow for Deferred Defect. You can also use custom colors for maintenance types.

Calendar View Block Types

Effortless Configuration

Configuring your preferred view is simple. Access the settings page through a dedicated button, allowing you to customize the display of diary, movement, and maintenance blocks. You can choose between stacking or scrolling blocks for ease of management and viewing.

Stay Informed with Critical Due Countdown

One exciting addition is the critical dues countdown information displayed on the aircraft block. This feature helps you stay on top of essential maintenance tasks, offering a quick overview of upcoming due dates.

Flexible Display Options

The Calendar View offers a variety of display options to cater to your specific needs. Choose from regular, expanded, or condensed views, each designed to provide a distinct presentation of your data.

Condensed view for tablet Alternative condensed view for tablet

Seamless Tablet Experience

The Calendar View is optimized for tablet devices. You can enjoy the same functionality as on a desktop or laptop, with the page scaling smoothly for tablet viewing. Context menus remain easily accessible for efficient interaction with blocks.

Future Enhancements

This is just the beginning for the Ops Board Calendar View. We are committed to enhancing it further with additional features, such as slide-in panels for more detailed context information. Stay tuned for ways to streamline and optimize your operations.


At myairops, our mission is to make your workflow more efficient and your operations more effective. We invite you to explore the Ops Board Calendar View and look forward to delivering even more improvements in the future.

We will be attending NBAA BACE 2023 next week in Las Vegas where you will be able to get your hands on the calendar view and see what it is like in a real environment. If you’d like to schedule some time to meet with the team and discuss the innovative new features we are bringing to myairops, reach out here and book directly into their diaries!