Efficient crew rostering is an extremely important part of any aviation business, especially when operating multiple tails at once. With the aviation industry continually pushing the boundaries of innovation, myairops understands the need for staying on top of the industry. That’s why, alongside our recent crew app v3 update, we’ve revamped the enhanced Crew Rostering capabilities in our myairops flight product. Designed with your unique needs in mind, these features are set to revolutionize the way you manage your crew. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key functionalities that make our crew rostering a game-changer:

Comprehensive Viewing for Long Schedules

myairops flight offers a unique capability – the ability to view up to three months of crew duties at a glance. Whether you’re using a tablet or a laptop, our software is optimized for your convenience. You can customize the view to display the exact number of days you need, reducing the need for excessive scrolling. On laptops, you’ll find it especially efficient, with approximately 40 days visible in a single view. You are also able to turn off and on the ability to view weekends and even public holidays. This feature is designed to streamline your long-term planning, providing you with unprecedented foresight into your crew’s schedules.

Flexible Time Zones and Powerful Filtering

We understand the global nature of aviation, which is why our software is designed to accommodate different time zones effortlessly. You can easily adjust the time zone while editing to match your crew’s operations across the world. Additionally, our software offers robust filtering options, allowing you to fine-tune schedules based on various criteria, from aircraft types to staff roles.

Real-Time Updates and Rostering Capabilities

Say goodbye to manual refreshes. Our system updates in real-time, ensuring that you’re always working with the latest information. During rostering, our software performs real-time validation checks and provides clear icons to identify any issues. You can also toggle violation notifications on and off as needed.

Efficient Bulk Editing and Day-by-Day Configuration

Editing multiple crew members simultaneously is a breeze with our bulk editing feature. Using simple keyboard shortcuts, you can make changes efficiently. For precise control, our day-by-day configuration option allows you to make edits on a per-day basis.

Detailed Notes and Sector Display

In the duty editor, you can capture specific details such as in-flight rest and duty remarks, enhancing the comprehensiveness of your scheduling. Additionally, our software displays flying sectors for clarity, helping you visualize duties with precision.

Upcoming Features and Diverse User Base

We’re committed to ongoing innovation. Upcoming additions to our software include Remain Over Night (RON) features, which visually indicate RON days and automatically mark them, reducing time away from home for your crew. Our software is designed to cater to PART-91, PART-135, Corporate Flight Departments, and PART-121 users, ensuring that it meets the unique needs of a diverse aviation industry.

In conclusion, our revamped Crew Rostering capabilities are set to transform how you manage your flight crew. These functions are meticulously designed to enhance efficiency, provide flexibility, and streamline your scheduling processes.

To see the Crew Duty Rostering capabilities in action, book a demo with our sales team here.

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