Trip planning and support

When it comes to flight support myairops has the expertise to efficiently and reliably support you and maximize your operational performance.  Our extensive global experience makes us perfectly suited to provide completely tailored services to ensure complete efficiency and cost-savings. Our approach is different as we combine a blend of our experienced team with our own underpinning technology which drives automation and intelligent decision-making.  

 Upon provision of our flight support services, we provide all our customers with complete, transparent access to the systems we use. Meaning you’ll have complete visibility and control over your software application.


Flight Planning

If you do not require the full-service offering provided by Trip Planning & Support, we offer a focused flight planning only service offering. We can provide a service using your existing flight planning tools or we can provide a complete solution, along without own software. We’re completely flexible and are not limited to our own technology, we can work along side you with your existing technology solution.

Our process includes:

  • Our flight planning team pre-emptively produce a flight plan and the initial crew briefing pack from the earliest opportunity, which is key to ensuring efficient and timely response to  customer changes.
  • We begin by compiling operational restrictions, along with NOTAMs, destination alternates and en-route alternates to ensure your flight runs safely and efficiently.
  • We coordinate handling requests and secure overflight and landing permits to ensure you have a safe and efficient flight.
  • Weather information will be analysed by our highly trained team with the impact used to influence planning decisions.
  • We compile required materials within the crew briefing pack and review and approve before transmission to the flight crew.
  • The flight plan is filed, the relevant STC authorizes and the crew briefing pack is issued.


Inflight support

We understand that plans can change when inflight. Support needs to be provided in real-time 24×7 to support the decision making process for diverts due to unexpected events like maintenance, weather or medical emergency. Our inflight support team are there when you need us most.


Complete flexibility that suits you

Wcan provide the plug and play technology, flight planning and/or complete end to end tailored flight support – setting us apart from other organisations. We are unique in having both the underpinning technology products and the highly skilled and trained people who have experience across the entire spectrum of flight operations. We’re completely flexible meaning we are not limited to our own technology, we can work along side you with your existing technology solution.

A selection of our services can be utilised as single items, but we can also create packages allowing us to tailor our bespoke services in line with your requirements. We offer our clients with subscription or simple pay as you go pricing models, whichever suits you and your organisation best.


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