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When it comes to flight support, myairops has the expertise to efficiently and reliably support you and maximize your operational performance. Supporting over 11,400 flights per year, our extensive global experience makes us perfectly suited to provide completely tailored services to ensure complete efficiency and cost-savings. Our approach is different as we combine a blend of our experienced team with our own underpinning technology which drives automation and intelligent decision-making.  

Upon provision of our flight support services, we provide all of our customers with complete, transparent access to the systems we use, meaning you’ll have complete visibility and control over your software application.

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Our Trip Planning and Support services include:

Ground Handling

We will arrange all aspects of ground handling for you ensuring your requirements are pre-arranged and confirmed by the handling agent and FBO. If your trip changes then we will re-arrange handling requests and perform all reconfirmation.

Flight Planning

We use your requirements to ensure all aspects of the plan meet your operational needs. We will arrange and plan for all alternatives, ensure airports are open and viable and make sure plans are filed and uploaded to your flight planning tool of choice. We will ensure flight levels are appropriately planned on the basis of fuel requirements and comfort.

We can assist with:

  • Preliminary Flight Plans
  • Runway Analysis
  • ICAO or computerized flight plans, with ATC filing and coordination
  • Weather and NOTAMS
  • ETP Data
  • Oceanic Track Briefs
  • Airfield Awareness Briefs
  • Airport Data

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments of missions can be provided where we will present details on the consideration of the runway conditions, length, weather, airport facilities, etc.

Flight Following

We will track flights in real time to provide up-to-date flight status and airport information. Our team will monitor your flight to ensure delays are kept to a minimum and pro-active management of any potential situations occurs. As part of this service we will send notifications at points within the journey to keep the people that need to be informed aware of any changes; such as actual or estimated departure and arrival times.

Customs and Immigration

We can arrange all aspects of customs and immigration including General Declarations, UK GARs and APIS for your crew and passengers.

Hangarage and Parking

No matter what your trip requirements, we can advise and arrange the best parking options for your trip.


All aspects of crew accommodation or passenger hotel arrangements can be handled by our team.


Through our relationship with catering providers, or through organizations you want us to use, we can organize all aspects of catering for passengers and crew.


The security considerations of your crew and passengers are of paramount importance and our security service provides information and risk classification relating to both the risk posed to the aircraft, the crew or the passengers. Our security risk assessments cover both airspace and geographical security.

Weather and NOTAMS

We can provide full weather and NOTAM information to flight crew and also provide weather summaries for your passengers. We regularly monitor weather and NOTAMs and will pro-actively alert and modify on the basis of the latest information. This is integrated with our risk assessment and flight brief services e.g. when weather is no longer within acceptable operational limits.


The management and arrangement of permits is a critical and time sensitive task. Our experienced team will assist in the arrangement of landing, overflight and block permits. An open and transparent price list is provided so your charter and quotation teams can also always be aware of the expected costs for a trip. We also offer the arrangement of:

  • US Landing Rights
  • Charter Permits
  • Permits to Fly
  • Third Country Operator Permits

Ground Transport

We can arrange all aspects of your ground transportation requirements for passengers or crew using our network of transportation providers or your preferred supplier.

Flight Brief

Providing flight briefs for your customer or crew is a core part of the service offering. Our briefs incorporates all operational aspects which include the outputs and details from the other service components. We are happy to provide samples of our flight brief materials on request.

Slots and PPR

Slots and PPR is a common consideration in Europe and with changes resulting from COVID, you need a team that is aware of the latest requirements at each airport. Arranging in advance is key and knowing who to talk to can be the difference to ensuring the schedule is protected and the customer is content.


We can advise on fuel pricing and arrange all aspects of fuel release and authorization.



Flight Planning

If you do not require the full-service offering provided by Trip Planning & Support, we offer a focused flight planning only service offering. We can provide a service using your existing flight planning tools or we can provide a complete solution, along without own software. We’re completely flexible and are not limited to our own technology, we can work along side you with your existing technology solution.

Our process includes:

  • Our flight planning team pre-emptively produce a flight plan and the initial crew briefing pack from the earliest opportunity. This is key to ensuring efficient and timely response to  customer changes.
  • We begin by compiling operational restrictions, along with NOTAMs, destination alternatives and en-route alternatives to ensure your flight runs safely and efficiently.
  • We coordinate handling requests and secure overflight and landing permits to ensure you have a safe and efficient flight.
  • Weather information will be analyzed by our highly trained team with the impact used to influence planning decisions.
  • We compile required materials within the crew briefing pack and review and approve before transmission to the flight crew.
  • The flight plan is filed, the relevant STC authorizes and the crew briefing pack is issued.


Inflight support

We understand that plans can change when inflight. Support needs to be provided in real-time 24×7 to assist the decision making process for diverts due to unexpected events like maintenance, weather or medical emergency. Our inflight support team are there when you need us most.


Complete flexibility that suits you

Our trip support can be purchased in two ways:


For those organizations that have an in-house capability, where an existing trip support arrangement is in place or where customers want the flexibility to have no standing commitment.

This option allows our “go now” feature, simply call or email your request and we will do the rest. Organizing all aspects of the trip, filing all flight plans and providing all briefing materials.

Scenarios include organizations who wish to access our specialist skilled services arranging your trip within Europe, Middle East and Africa. Whilst we offer full global coverage, many organizations access us for our specialist knowledge and expert skills within this region.


 Annual commitment

The annual commitment model is suited for organizations who want to outsource trip support to us over a longer term. This offers preferential pricing over the pay-as-you-go model.

A monthly fee covers all trips you may have on a per aircraft basis; no matter how many trips that may be.


We provide simple transparent pricing so there are no hidden fees or surprises. As with all our service delivery models we have an agreed price list for permits that we publish to you in advance so you always know what you can expect to pay. Any services we arrange or purchase on your behalf are passed through with no additional mark-up added. If you have an existing flight planning tool that you want us to use then we can use this preference or provide you services using our existing tools and capabilities. If you want the flexibility of integrating our team into the task workflow of your existing flight scheduling software, just contact us and we would be happy to help.


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