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Trip support, flight planning services and operations control center

Benefit from the expertise of our seasoned trip support and ground operations team. Whether you’re a corporate flight department requiring ad-hoc assistance for a challenging transatlantic journey, a medical operator seeking support for an overstretched team, or a commercial airline considering full outsourcing of your operational control center, we’ve got you covered.

Trip support at the click of a button

Operators often face the time-consuming process of manually requesting trip support services during peak periods when their team is stretched. myairops flight customers can instantly request trip support services with a simple click, providing ops teams with immediate assistance during peak periods or complex flights.

Say goodbye to the complexities and uncertainties

Operators encounter challenges in setting up and arranging trips, especially when it involves obtaining permits and managing logistics for trips that operate to regions they are not familiar with. Enjoy the convenience of having our dedicated team set up and arrange the entire trip, including permits and logistics, seamlessly integrated within your own system with myairops flight.

Unparalleled experience and expertise

In the face of last-minute requests, unforeseen events, and ever-changing regulations, myairops ground ops team is here for you. We understand that success goes beyond ticking off a trip checklist – it’s about anticipating, staying ahead, and adapting swiftly to challenges. Rely on our expertise, insights, and global resources to uphold your promises and surpass expectations.

How can different operation types use ground ops?

myairops flight customer

Access trip support at any time within the myairops flight systems via the trip support button. The skilled myairops team seamlessly acts as a turnkey extension of your own ops team at periods of high work-load of expert assistance with complex trips.

  • 24/7 trip support services
  • Arrangement of entire trips, including permits and logistics
  • Our expert team will set up the trip, permits and flight information directly within your myairops flight platform

Non-myairops flight user

If you are not a current myairops flight user but require support with your ground operations, we can offer our trip support services alongside your current flight operations software.

  • Trip support services on an ad-hoc or subscription basis
  • Experienced team provides flexibility across the aircraft you operate and the system you use
  • Our expert team works as an extension of your own when you need it most

Airline OCC

We provide airlines with a complete outsourced Operations Control Center service. Enabling airlines and aircraft operators to access a highly skilled and experienced team as a seamless extension of their own organization. OCC brings together all elements of operations from flight planning, ground operations and scheduling.

  • 24/7 OCC Service
  • Complete outsourced OCC managed service
  • Seamless extension of your organization

ground ops

Whether you need assistance with flight planning, catering, permits, or require a comprehensive outsourced solution, we’re here to support you. Our services range from full end-to-end trip management to targeted support for specific aspects of your operation.

Dedicated support from a highly skilled and experienced team

We’ve been providing ground operations services for over 40 years. Our highly-skilled team is ready to act as a seamless extension of your own, when you need it most.

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Trip Support & Flight Planning

Flight planning & trip support, 24/7 support


Airport slots & PPR, Customs formalities

Ground Services

Ground services & HOTAC, Managing parking & hangarage


Overflight permits, Landing permits, Charter permits

Risk Assessments

Security & risk assessments

Situational Awareness

Weather & NOTAMS, FIDS, Notifications, Aircraft performance