With the added advantages of companion iOS apps and integrations with other airops products through a single web based portal built with security and data privacy considerations from the ground up.

Efficiently designed workflow, centralised and connected data management, flexible integrations with the products and services within your organisation, powerful analytics and reporting capabilities to provide business intelligence, and the deliverables your business needs to meet regulatory requirements. airops flight provides the tools and flexibility to ensure you keep your flight operations at their best.

With our knowledge of US and European AOCs, Air Ops Flight is a global flight management solution that scales with your business. We have built a system that will suit all operators regardless of your size with a transparent simple pricing model.

aircraft management softwareCrew Management

Comprehensive crew management and rostering – crew logistics can be complex. airops flight helps you track crew duty limits and also recurrent monitoring such as the amount of landings on instruments or by night. 

A comprehensive and expandable set of Flight Time Limitation rules enables you to ensure you do not violate your duty times and flying hours. Additionally the system will manage and track all the documents and certificates needed to legally fly an aircraft. This includes type ratings, license proficiency checks, operator proficiency checks, Visas, to name a small sample. Crew rostering can be simply achieved with seamless delivery of crew trip information directly to your crews.

aircraft management softwareOperation

Complete operation visibility – the ops board is at the heart of all operations teams and being able to see everything in one place is key to efficient operations. 

airops flight have streamlined the ops board and analysed the workflow and work activities of your operational staff allowing changes to be sent directly to crew, through the companion crew app, and allowing optimisations in crew assignment and tracking flight actuals and essential maintenance activities.

aircraft management softwareMaintenance Planning

Tracking flight actuals and maintenance planning – paper based processes whilst remaining essential do nothing to improve the efficiency of the maintenance department. Integrations with maintenance systems and CAM platforms is provided but data needs to move quickly to prevent over flying and to ensure maintenance can be planned to be efficient within the wider operational schedule. 

aircraft management softwareBusiness Agility

Achieve business agility without losing visibility – you need to be agile and your customer requirements can change frequently, whether it is a last minute PAX change or a change in needs on configuration or catering. Our aircraft management software solution seamlessly tracks the change history and performs automatic fee re-calculation which ensures when you invoice from the system or you push data to your finance system it is up to date and accurate and sales teams and customer services teams can resolve questions and queries fast.

aircraft management softwareSales Performance

Enhance your sales performance – through integrations with sales platforms and allowing API based access to real-time data, such as empty leg and aircraft availability data, Air Ops Flight can improve your charter sales and aircraft utilisation. Integration with sales marketplaces and CRM tools can only achieve so much; myairops Flight provides the business workflow to allow you to streamline your bidding and spend your valuable resources in the areas you are most likely to succeed.

aircraft management softwareTracking Flight Actuals

myairops Flight allows flight actuals to be sent as soon as the aircraft is on-blocks and allows that data to be displayed and shared in real-time without the need for manual entry; reducing the load on your operations team.

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