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aircraft management softwareCrew Management

Comprehensive crew management and rostering

Full management of crew including automated tracking of hours and currency. Provides a fully integrated training management system allowing the recording and tracking of training and other currency-based items within the system. This is integrated with the operations and scheduling module to protect against crewing issues where training or currency has elapsed. This capability extends to all staff types and not just crew members including maintenance, medical, engineers, ground support staff, etc.

aircraft management softwareOperation management & Scheduling

Complete operation visibility

The operations and scheduling module allows complete planning and visualization of planned aircraft usage, maintenance planning, staff rostering, duty management. myairops flight has an extensible and configurable Flight Time Limitations and Flight Rules engine with preconfigured FTL schemes for a range of national regulations. Flight following and automated satellite and terrestrial based flight tracking (where the ADS-B license is also purchased) to enable the automated completion of flight times and delays. Post flight actuals are recorded and tech logged within the system.

aircraft management softwareMaintenance Planning

Tracking flight actuals and maintenance planning

This module allows the management of due list items that should be exposed to members of the team outside the maintenance team complete with next due countdowns per aircraft using hours,
cycles, landings and date, based on the nature of the task. Management of defects and deferrals with operational limitations. Support for planning all maintenance activities including both scheduled and unscheduled events. Integration with popular maintenance tracking applications including CAMP and Traxxall. Post Flight information can also be transferred to the L3Harris FDM capability.

aircraft management softwareReporting & ODATA

Achieve business agility without losing visibility

Reporting engine allowing the production and scheduling of reports from within the system. Access to a catalogue of hundreds of pre-build reports which are branded with your company logo. Reports can be extended by our reporting team and for those organizations who wish to integrate their operational data within the system with their BI tools, we offer an ODATA API for data query and access.

aircraft management softwareFuel

Enhance your fuel

Fuel price management of contracted/negotiated fuel prices. Dedicated mailboxes for your fuel vendors to send fuel pricing updates which will be automatically processed and presented in your system. The system supports the management of planned fuel releases and actual uplifts as well as fuel burns. Provided with an integration to FuelerLinx for those customer’s utilizing the platform.

aircraft management softwareCRM

Intelligent Customer Relationship Management

Allowing management of all customers, owners, passengers, suppliers and organizations. Data such as FBO and MRO supplier is updated through a real time feed, utilizing data provided by Aviowiki and information from our own in-house trip support organization. The CRM provides data analytics such as customer activity reporting, spend analysis, booking ratio, etc.




Features and functionality specific to your operation type

Click on your operation type to find out how myairops can help you.

Part 91 Operators

Whilst there are common challenges that affect all aircraft operators, there are specific considerations for Part-91, when compared with other operations types such as Part-135, Part-91K and special operations like medical flights.

Multi-regulation aware

Complete operational and regulatory peace of mind
  • Seamlessly manage across multiple regulations within one system
  • Protect against potential regulatory breaches
  • Integrated FRAT
  • Real-time checks against Flight Time Limitations (FTLs)


Audit, transparency and financial controls

Ultimate control of financial controls
  • Ability to set and manage the finacnial reporting of your aircraft
  • Integration with external finacnial tools
  • Analysis of costs and operations performance
  • Dynamic reporting capabilities
  • Quick access to historic operations, use, maintenance and costs


Owner holds and publishing availability for charter

Automatically publish and retrieve data for your needs
  • Seamless publishing of aircraft availability through marketplaces
  • Automatically publish aircraft as unavailable when in use, owners holds or when maintenance events are taking place
  • Powerful quotation engine enabling cost reporting capabilities

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Providing the edge to your aircraft owner

Providing you with a competitive advantage
  • Completely configurable task engine enabling you to provide the most tailored and personal experiences
  • Integrated ADS-B tracking means you’re able to automate time sensitive flight following messages, meaning critical communication is never missed
  • Customizable owner preferences means you can easily see individual preferences without your team having to investigate and avoid any information being missed
  • Easily keep up to date with ever evolving Part-91 regulations

Part-135 Operators

myairops flight enables charter managers to improve operational efficiencies through automation and powerful quotation and sales capabilities.  From the complete end-to-end solution, you can produce fast, efficient quotation and sales performance management.  

Built to discern the Charter workflow from an Operator’s Sales process, myairops flight’s quotation capabilities allow for fast quotation building with automated mark-up processes, all linked within a powerful CRM. 

Regulations and safety requirements

Complete operational and regulatory peace of mind
  • Integrated FRAT
  • Real-time checks against Flight Time Limitations (FTLs)
  • Integrations with external systems (Wyvern, Vocus Flight Risk, Pulsar and more)

Feasibility analysis and availability tracking

Complete demand visibility
  • Availability and feasibility tracking
  • Management of availability events and issues
  • Maintenance tracking, providing info on upcoming maintenance times
  • ADS-B tracking allowing situational awareness and flight following

Quoting, invoicing and sales decision making

Quotations, invoice and customer communications in one dashboard 
  • Complete customer intelligence (past performance, spend, credit position and client information)
  • Seamlessly updates information to marketplaces
  • Enables demand to flow directly into your sales team
  • Powerful quotation tool
  • Manage production of invoices
  • Track payments

Crew app

Crew communication and measurement of staff performance
  • Digitization of paperwork
  • Seamless crew communication
  • Feedback from customers to ensure highest delivery of customer experience

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Corporate Flight Departments

Intuitive interfacing, real-time analytics, and flexible integrations – myairops flight brings all divisions within your organization together, making it the solution of choice for Corporate Flight Departments. 

Managing passengers

Complying with regulations, communicating with crew, and managing passengers 
  • Flexible, aviation-specific CRM system
  • Simplify internal processes by reducing complex requests
  • Automatically feeds passenger information into US No-fly, SIFL calculations, flight preferences and more
  • API Integrations 

APIs enabling new passenger management workflows

Connecting your tools and booking processes to work in a single centralized system 
  • API based system so you can build your own applications and workflows
  • Integrate directly into your business systems for a bespoke, streamlined organization

Integrating with existing enterprise systems

Connect your business
  • Seamlessly connect your existing enterprise system to myairops flight
  • Flexible modern version controlled APIs allow effortless integrations
  • Shape your aviation operational data with our ODATA feed

Managing crew travel arrangements

Synchronized with FlightBridge
  • Travel and accommodation booking aligned with myairops flight
  • Reduce complications and manual entry with our integrated FlightBridge platform

Real time updates for critical information

Accurate data for travel
  • The most up to date information regarding airports/heliports, FBOs and MRO providers at your fingertips
  • Capture your own information and your own airports/heliports without overwriting these when auto-updating

Organizational considerations

Adapt to suit your business needs
  • No two operations are the same when needing to track, report and manage
  • myairops flight supports flexible constructs around these segregations
  • Accommodating constructs honored throughout trips, the CRM and reporting

Transparent tax calculations

Reduce hours spent on calculations
  • De-mystify SIFL imputed income calculations by showing how figures were derived
  • Less confusion and less manual entry with our trusted SIFL calculator
  • Automatically update rates as soon as they are published

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Medical and Special Mission Operators

Patient centric management dashboard

Record and transfer critical patient information
  • Dedicated management platform to manage calls and patients within the system
  • Seamless communication logs and message flow allows effortless conversations between teams internally and externally
  • Classifications and risk categories exist to track mobility and medical need of the patient

KPI performance and situational awareness

Assess your operations
  • Accurately track KPIs such as time to get rotors running, skids off or how quickly a call was handled
  • Enhanced situational awareness and analytics used internally and exposed to your customer

Flexible qualification and currency management

Manage systems beyond standard aviation requirements
  • Customizable built-in currency management system
  • Complete management across all staff types including medics, support staff, crew and maintenance personnel
  • Includes highly customizable set of training items allowing the storage of documentation
  • Real-time alerting and tracking of relevant experience for the mission type

Inventory management

Ensure your mission is is prepared for whatever situation
  • Control your inventory on-board the aircraft, in the warehouse and other locations with myairops stores and myairops flight
  • Track medical supplies in respect to quantity, expiration date and storage requirements

Multiple fleets and multiple operations

Ensure your mission is is prepared for whatever situation
  • myairops flight supports multiple operation types, fleets and regulations simultaneously
  • The system will check to ensure pilots are operating within regulations and have the appropriate qualifications for the mission in real time

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Integrated crew app


myairops crew Streamlined crew communication


Simplify passenger handling


myairops crewCapture customer feedback


Rationalize fuel purchasing


myairops crew app







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