For Ops teams, friction is the ultimate foe. Stitching together individual point solutions and managing their complexities slows you down and stalls your growth.  

myairops flight eliminates friction by centralizing the many tools required for a safe, compliant, efficient and successful flight.  

Powerful integrated feeds to and from the platform ensure a complete picture in real-time, with analytics and reporting capabilities providing the intelligence to maintain a cutting edge. 

From a single aircraft to large multi-regulatory fleets, myairops flight scales with your business to improve and automate your operational processes. 

Make your day-to-day work easier through workflows that boost business efficiency – all in an intuitive and secure cloud-based system. From managing and communicating with crew, selecting fuel and ground handling and providing quotations, to tracking customers and connecting your finances – myairops flight helps reduce the complexity of flying.

Flight Scheduling and Dispatch

Making the best decisions, fueled by the best data 

Enjoy the depth of control over the scheduling and dispatch process. The intuitive wizard and highly automated workflows fed by 3rd party data ensure operators make informed decisions on the most efficient, reliable and cost-effective flight ops and ground ops.  

We understand that data can be overwhelming unless given context, meaning documents, ADS-B flight actuals, weather updates, violation warnings, and everything else, is presented to the user in the right place at the right time.  

From the clear Flight Board UI, operators can plan schedules, assign and communicate with crew, track maintenance limits, and connect to ground handlers, authorities and more. The dispatch task list keeps jobs on track, notifying of changes and warning of potential problems.  

Key to a successful dispatch operation is the intelligent Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) built into the flight decision engine within myairops. Data from multiple sources automatically answers a set of extensible FRAT questions to certify the flight is feasible and safe, building the user a picture via the +/- score mechanism and traffic light approach.  


Ultimate control of crew management and communication 

Ensure operational compliance under single or multiple regional authority regulations for one or many AOCs through automatic FTL management. myairops matches your Operations Manual, and tracks duty, rest, holiday, internal and external currencies, training and much more.  

Protection against mis-crewing and unsafe flying is automated, no matter the trip’s circumstances, through the rule-based violations engine. Furthermore, with integrations to systems such as Wyvern, you can be sure records are synchronized and up to date. 

From the Ops board, the auto-crew function checks against availability and violations to instantly roster your crew to one or many flights. For manual crew management, dashboards throughout the system are color coded and utilize notifications for quick understanding of crew status.  

The myairops crew mobile app enables crews to manage their work even without an internet connection. Instant 2-way communication ensure crew have the latest data at their fingertips, including where you want them to fuel. Every operator is different, with unique challenges and concerns. Our pre- and post-flight fields and checklists are completely customizable to meet your specific needs. 


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Ground Handling and Fuel  

Accurately estimating cost and requesting services 

Manage fuel purchasing and pricing through integrations with FuelerLinx and Fuel Suppliers. Through fuel and ground handling request functionality, ensure optimized fueling operations and cost-effective fuel purchasing.   

Manage your relationships with FBOs, streamlining FBO handling requests and setting up workflows to enable quick and efficient communication. We understand that the selection of FBO cannot always be straightforward, and the system allows the automatic selection based on your operator preferences but also by customer, lead passenger or aircraft tail. 

Integrations to users of myairops fbo permits real-time update of flight actuals and passenger status at their facility, enabling both the Operator and FBO to have oversight of the entire operation and provide a seamless customer experience. 

Access accurate and up-to-date airport data to assess trip feasibility and select the best airport, ground handling service and fuel supplier for your trip.  


Attractive custom quotes in seconds 

Catering for Operators and Charter through two separate interfaces built to discern the distinct sectors of selling flights.  

Automated data feeds from your website booking form and marketplaces enable instant flight feasibility and profit and loss estimations against your pricing lists. Contextual data such as request version history, aircraft and crew availability, airport fees and CRM data provide valuable considerations in a single dashboard view.  

Quotes include internal and external commissions, aircraft images and personalized customer messages, and are auto generated and sent in seconds. A multi-currency services pallet allows your team to manipulate the instant quote, and simply drag and drop any additional options to the automatic line items.   


Your data in your hands   

Uniquely allowing the easy export of all your data, myairops enables data analysis within every area of the system. Data interfaces are fully configurable with extensive filters designed for deep level analysis. Export is possible to multiple file formats and to a library of reports, or via integration to business intelligence tools.  

Scheduled for regular production or compiled with a click, standard and bespoke reports provide insights for internal teams, external suppliers, customers, and owners. From trip statistics, fuel consumption and cost, turnaround time, crew fatigue, CO2 emission and cosmic radiation dose, to asset usage, revenue occupancy and more, your stakeholders can stay informed on your operations.   

Reports are produced instantly with a click or scheduled for regular feed to stakeholders, ensuring data is collected, learnt from, and actioned.


myairops flight enables charter managers to improve operational efficiencies through automation and powerful quotation and sales capabilities.  From the complete end-to-end solution, you can produce fast, efficient quotation and sales performance management.  

Built to discern the Charter workflow from an Operator’s Sales process, myairops flight’s quotation capabilities allow for fast quotation building with automated mark-up processes, all linked with a powerful CRM. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 

Rapid responsiveness for clients

Track customer details in the aviation specific CRM. This allows insight into customer buying habits and will improve how you target and engage with clients in the future. 

Perform targeted quote building tailored to the client. From received operator cost to final quotation price, powerful calculation criteria such as discounts by customer can factor in loyalty, destination, lowest fuel burn and more.  

Stored aircraft and sub-charter aircraft details enable the best selection based on aircraft type, category, configuration, etc. Historic selection for specific customers or jobs provide charter intelligence on which aircraft is best suited and most likely to win the business.

Quotation Wizard 

There are Word docs, and then there are Automated Quoting Engines 

Rapidly build the best-looking quotations possible. The wait between when requests are first published on marketplaces and filtered – based on feasibility – into myairops, to the moment the quote is sent from the system, can be seconds. The Quotation Wizard and Auto-Quote features provide rapid and instant responses respectively, meaning the buyer always sees your quote first.  

Manage multiple quotes on evolving requests from different operators linked to a single trip, all in an easy-to-use interface with drag and drop functionality. 

Attractively market your aircraft or trip by uploading operator supplied images and video that can be embedded into your quotations, providing an edge against the competition. 

Margins, Commissions, Allocations and Currency 

Ensuring ALL costs are included in your quote 

Stay on top of margins, commissions, and allocations. myairops understands the management of commissions, not only by sales team member, but also allocations for external sales agents and concierge organizations who could be part of the sales workflow. Furthermore with automated reporting, myairops can help boost sales and improve commercial performance via sales tracking.  

myairops is not a black box. A customizable rules engine produces and explains the calculations that impact the quotation and bottom line. Line items can be hidden or revealed to reflect your company’s level of transparency. 

With multiple currency functionality, myairops pulls your currency conversions into quotations, showing working in the process. Quotes are not limited to a single currency, allowing the flexibility required for international flights.

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Corporate Flight Departments

Intuitive interfacing, real-time analytics, and flexible integrations – myairops flight brings all divisions within your organization together, making it the solution of choice for Corporate Flight Departments. 

Streamlining workflows and communicating with flight crew, pilots and other departments has never been easier. From budgeting, expense management and reporting on financial controls, to integrations with HR systems, compliance support and streamlined communications, myairops flight empowers flight operators. 

Finding and retaining talent can sometimes be challenging. Keep your staff happy by implementing workflows that lead to optimized processes and procedures, making employees jobs easier. Our software is also accessible wherever you are, on any internet enabled device – helping to promote a healthy work/life balance.


Complying with regulations, communicating with crew, and managing passengers 

Communications between flight crews and operational staff can sometimes be difficult to manage effectively. Enhance communications between flight crews and operational staff with our iOS app, myairops crew 

Keeping on top of changes in regulations can also be a challenge, but myairops enables you to remain compliant by tracking SIFL tax rates, training requirements, FTLs and MELs.   

Key to a successful dispatch operation is the intelligent Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) built into the flight decision engine within myairops. Data from multiple sources automatically answers a set of extensible FRAT questions to certify the flight is feasible and safe, building the user a picture via the +/- score mechanism and traffic light approach.  

Model the correct relationships with employees, guests and families within our aviation specific CRM. System checks automatically feed passenger information into US No-fly checks, SIFL calculations, flight preferences and more so that you can provide the most safe, efficient and desirable trips.  

API Integrations 

Connecting your tools and booking processes to work in a single centralized system 

Our flexible booking API allows the integration of HR systems, website forms, booking applications and calendar apps, keeping call and workload levels down for your staff when managing and booking trips on behalf of employees.   

Managing shuttles between locations can be hard. We allow for the effective operation of shuttles between locations with a complete employee shuttle booking system – enabling you to run your shuttle operation more like a traditional airline.  

We appreciate that organizations run many sperate solutions to manage their day-to-day operations which means sometimes things can feel a little disjointed. Through the power of flexible integrations, we bring all solutions within your organization together.  



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Personal Use and Expense management

Transparency and clarity are the key

Having the ability to not only calculate personal use and other tax rates, but to show the method of calculation is important. Our system enables you to track personal use calculations and have control over these processes.  

Never worry about what SIFL rates you should be using, the myairops flight system automatically updates the rates as soon as they are published.   

Trip costs and expenses are furthermore often kept in separate systems, which can be frustrating if you want to have a single view of trip costs. Our integrated expense management functionality provides a solution to this problem by providing a clear view of single trip costs.  


Your data in your hands

We understand that communicating with the wider organization can sometimes be difficult for flight departments. Our system allows us to help you by providing meaningful access to data and reporting, providing an ability to drill down and gain insights from your aviation operation, making information easily shareable with members of your organization who are less aviation aware.  

Uniquely allowing the easy export of all your data, myairops enables data analysis within every area of the system. Data interfaces are fully configurable with extensive filters designed for deep level analysis. Export is possible to multiple file formats and to a library of reports, or via integration to business intelligence tools.  

Scheduled for regular production or compiled with a click, standard and bespoke reports provide insights for internal teams, external suppliers, customers, and owners. From trip statistics, fuel consumption and cost, turnaround time, crew fatigue, CO2 emission and cosmic radiation dose, to asset usage, revenue occupancy and more, your stakeholders can stay informed on your operations.  

Reports are produced instantly with a click or scheduled for regular feed to stakeholders, ensuring data is collected, learnt from, and actioned


Special Missions

myairops flight is a complete solution for your special mission operations, underpinning air ambulances, survey missions, UAVs and other special operations around the world.  

Designed to effectively and safely manage every aspect of your flight operation, myairops flight delivers a powerful platform with a modern and intuitive interface covering all aspects of fixed wing and rotary wing operations.   

From training management, fleet tracking and KPI reporting to booking capabilities and flexible integrations with MIS C systems, we provide an intelligent, yet simplistic experience for special mission operations.   

KPI and Mission Tracking and Reporting 

Special Missions specific contract delivery reporting 

We understand that KPI tracking and reporting is a key part of the role of a special mission provider in the delivery of their contracts. Therefore, we ensure that our system enables KPIs to be easily tracked and reported on.   

Delays to missions can be caused by weather, maintenance, medical teams and ground ambulance delays. We provide a way to capture the reasons why missions have been impacted and allows these to flow into reports and tracking dashboards.  

Flight and Crew Operations 

Compliance and Visibility for Authorities and stakeholders

Our solution allows for multiple fleet and multiple regulation management of both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft, allowing for different currency and FTL rules to be tracked and managed.   

The effective coordination of other assets such as ground ambulances, medical teams and coastguards is imperative to special mission operations. To ensure that third parties are aware of what is happening, our system automates the workflow of dispatch, progress and arrival notifications using ADS-B positional information.    

The unpredictability of demands and mission type can lead to duty hours to drift. Providing a simple and easy way to track duty periods, rest and fatigue is essential for running a busy special mission operation. The myairops flight system helps prevent incompatible crewing – supporting quick decision making and efficient risk management.  

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Special Mission Integrations 

Going beyond for Emergency Dispatch Services 

As a special mission provider you rely on multiple systems to carry out your operations. To make your job easier, we support custom integrations with command and control systems such as emergency dispatch services and MIS C3 systems.   

Through our white label booking app, end users can book demand which flows directly into our scheduling system, ensuring calls can be handled responsively and end users, such as Consultants and Doctors, get real-time updates.   




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