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Chris Moore, Operations Director, myairops talks to us about his role at myairops and and how the business has changed over the past few years

You’ve been at the company for nearly 6 years now, what brought you into myairops in the first place?  

I was running a development team at a Microsoft and Sage Business Partner. Whilst the projects covered a wide range of industries, a lot of the projects focused on finance. Having a keen interest in aviation was what led me to myairops and the opportunity that was on offer. Having a tour of the airport as part of my interview finalised my interest in both the role and the company! 


Can you explain your role as an Operations Director, what does your day to day look like? 

As the Operations Director I am responsible for a team of people covering product ownership and management, customer success (including support and on boarding)pre-sales, and business process. My activities can be different every day. Whether that is helping our product owners with designing exciting new features we are working on, ensuring our service levels are exactly where they should be, or helping our prospects understand the value our software can bring to their business. 


After the past 6 years you’ve seen lots of changes in the business, how would you describe where the business is at present? 

Were at a very exciting time in the business, the level of growth in terms of new customers we are seeing is more than I have ever seen in any of my previous roles, or even heard about in many other software companies. We’ve also just announced the opening of our first USA office, with more locations due to come this year. The technologies we are incorporating and working with are cuttingedge, and I’m proud to say we are now a huge tech disruptor in the aviation software space.  


Are there any new features that we should be aware of?    

We are always adding new features across all our products. We have some exiting upcoming features for myairops fbo one of these can be seen in the likes of our new parking and fuel management features. We are really looking forward to sharing these with our current, new and prospect customers to show how this extends the capabilities of myairops fbo even further.  


Before working at myairops, what was the most unusual job you had?  

I haven’t really had anything too unusual, and thankfully not too terrible either. I would say one of the most fun jobs I had, apart from myairops of course, was fair few years ago working in a cash and carry (When health and safety wasn’t a major concern!). I would quite often spend time very high up on scaffolding style shelves throwing boxes of crisps down to the lower shelves where my work colleague was to catch themI would see how many I could throw before he couldn’t fill the shelf in time! Thankfully this is not an indication of my current management style!