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Meet Daniel Wolks, Technical Consultant, myairops 


Daniel talks to us about his new role at myairops and how he has found joining the company during the Covid-19 lock down.


Daniel, you’re brand new to the myairops team, so how have your first couple of weeks been since you’ve started? 

Starting a new job on the 1st April comes with the slightest anxiety of is this an April Fool’s joke, but I’m pleased to confirm it was not and after working my 3 months’ notice period at my previous job I finally joined myairops! With the country on lockdown due to COVID-19 my first couple of weeks have been interesting to say the least. Swapping the shirt and tie for a more casual attire and meeting my co-workers virtually via Teams, I have tried to hit the ground running. Fortunately, being cooped up at home comes with the benefit of plenty of spare time to get to know the myairops products and the fantastic team behind them! 

What brought you into myairops in the first place? 

After completing my master’s in international business, I held various positions within the healthcare industry from client management to product development and IT management. I was looking for a role to consolidate all those skills in a new and exciting industry 

As Technical Consultant I get to use my existing IT knowledge to support and help customers as well as relay any product requirements the client might have. The added challenge of doing this in an industry as unusual as private aviation software was too good to pass up!  

So, what’s next? 

My main priority is to start adding value as soon as possible, this means getting to know the products inside out and understanding the different clients. Once I have achieved this, I want to take the acquired knowledge and start helping our client’s by working alongside the operations and sales team to implement and configuring our incredible platforms to further develop the myairops product suite.   

While I’m attempting to absorb this mountain of knowledge, I will look to contribute where I can and maybe even crack a terrible joke here or there! 

 Before working at myairops, what was the most unusual job you had?  

Two jobs come to mind. The first being a summer job I held in the UAE, before going to university, where I worked as a teaching aid for teenagers with autism and learning difficulties, it was both fascinating and motivating to see them overcome challenges with sheer rational, logic and positivity. Something I have tried to learn to do myself.  

The second job was also my last job, although being an IT Manager is nothing unusual, I had next to no experience in IT. Everyday became another opportunity to learn something new. Within a year I went from being able to just about code a basic bootstrapped website, to implementing an Azure based infrastructureorganising penetrations tests, and introducing client facing APIs. In my opinion that was an unusual challenge to face, and I loved every second of it. 

However, being somewhat scared of flying, those who know me well already agree that this is by far the most unusual job I have had, and I am very proud of that!