Meet Dara Oladapo, Senior DevOps Engineer at myairops.

You’ve been working here for a while now, what brought you to myairops?

In my previous role, I was responsible for shaping the future of next-generation DevOps Engineers and I was looking for an adventure to get back in the field and get my hands dirty with technology. When the recruiter reached out to me, I knew it was the right role for me. The job description aligned with the goals I was looking to accomplish in my next endeavors, so I interviewed and was privileged to get the role. And so far, the role has met my expectation of what I was looking forward to.

Can you explain what your role looks like on a day to day basis

Everyday as a DevOps Engineer is not the same as each day comes with it’s own set of peculiarities. But on an ideal day, my day starts off with a stand-up meeting where members of the engineering team give updates on what they plan to work on for the day. This is then followed up with a catch-up on my email and aligning my tasks with priorities on ground. As a dad, on some days, I do this along side prepping my daughter for nursery. Once nursery drop-off is done at about 11:00, it’s time to get into the zone and get some work done. Depending on the task to perform, I may set-off running deployments, writing some scripts to improve our application platform and infrastructure, configuring and maintaining customer environments, joining calls/meetings to support software engineers, QA, Product Owners, support and pretty much any part of the business that needs one or more inputs from the DevOps Team.

How did you become interested in software and technology?

My lifelong adventure into Software and Technology started around 2002 when my mum brought a desktop computer home as a surprise. At that point I could not independently operate a computer so my elder brother taught me how to get the computer on, get the mouse working and that was it for me. Almost every night, I would stay up to just do one thing or another on the computer. I can remember going through all the Windows XP Walkthrough to understand how the operating system worked from a user perspective. My curiosity then drove me to learn programming and subsequently use the cloud and since around 2013, my focus has been on Azure and DevOps.

What’s your favorite thing about working here?

For me, I have learnt a lot in almost 2 years that I’ve been here. So I’ll say my favorite thing about working here is the daily learning experience as I deliver platform improvements one script/configuration at a time. I can also say that I enjoy the flexibility this role affords me to build my career around my family life so I am there for my family as I earn my daily bread.

What does your typical weekend look like?

Depending on the weekend, I enjoy some  treasured moments playing with my family, TV programs, attend church, catchup with friends and family, record and edit some videos for my social media.

Dara also has an active YouTube channel where he talks about Software Development, DevOps, Gadgets Unboxing and Developer Podcasts.

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